Did you know you can use itemit to track any aspect of maintaining your car? With the simple asset management software it’s easy. From car tax and mot reminders, to creating an asset register of your oil and spare wheels, to tools tracking in case you need to replace a tire.

With our mobile asset tracking software, you can use asset tags to find relevant tools faster, meaning that replacing oil or wiper fluid is quick and easy. You can use QR codes or RFID asset tags, or you can even use it as barcode asset tracking software.

This is all also helpful if you’re planning on re-selling your car or if you’re hiring it out. Track payments for finance whether you’re the customer or the lender, and add your car to your quick and simple fixed asset register. Add comments of any damages for total transparency when you’re hiring your car out.

What’s more, it’s free! Use the simple asset management software for car tax reminders, maintenance dates, asset monitoring, asset registers and more, today.

1.Create the Asset Profile for your car.

asset profile home page
add asset description
add asset image
full asset profile

Now that you have your car’s asset profile, you can add a variety of information.

If you want to link your car to assets such as oil or tools, start by making asset profiles for them too. itemit will automatically create your asset register for you.

A. Related items.

1. Click on the “Plus” above “Related items”.

related items selection

Here you can add sub-items to your car, such as the manual or oil.

You can track these sub-items using QR code or RFID asset tags.

2. Click on “Add sub-items”

add sub items

3. Select the relevant item and press “save”.

Now your garage inventory is linked to your car.

garage inventory

B. Reminders.

Here is where you can add information for warranties, finance, car tax and MOT reminders.

1. Click on the “plus” above” Reminders.

car tax and MOT reminders

2. Add the relevant information and press “save”.

car warranty information

You can also set reminders to repeat daily, weekly, fornightly, monthly, half yearly, yearly, or a custom amount.

car finance

C. Information.

Information can include anything from your date of purchase, to the price, to the make, to the manufacturer website, to your insurance’s phone number. Anything!

1. Click on the “plus” above “Information”.

add relevant information

2. Select the type of information.

choosing information type

3. Add the asset information.

adding asset information

D. Attachments.

You can also add attachments, such as contracts to supplement your car tax and MOT reminders, or pictures of the dashboard for mileage purposes.

1. Click on the “plus” above “Attachments”.

Note: if there is a profile picture for your asset register, this will already be an attachment.

adding attachments

2. Either select from your library or take a photo when prompted.

attachment added
attachment added

E. Comments.

Finally, you can add comments. This can either help with your car tax and MOT reminders, or for service information, etc.

1. Click on the “plus” above “comments”.

adding comments

2. Add your comment.

Note: You can also add attachments to comments.

adding attachments to comments
add photos
Service plan comment

And there you have your full asset profile!

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