Fleetondemand and using IT asset management software
Case Study: Fleetondemand

Need to get down the street or across the world? Mobility as a Service solutions can help!

No matter the distance, services such as Fleetondemand can get you there, providing you or your business with the best value for money leasing and hiring and other mobility services.

So how do they get people across the world? A lot of time, a lot of laptops, and a lot of assets.


About Fleetondemand

Fleetondemand is at the heart of the drive for mobility. They provide solutions for Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS).

They provide enterprise technology applications to a variety of different automotive services, including vehicle leasing, rental and service providers in both B2B and B2C markets.

It’s not too dissimilar from asset management, then, except instead of their assets being mostly physical objects or machinery, they track the different services to get you the best travel rates possible.

The idea is to make travel more connected to the user and more accessible, hence, mobility as a service. So, you can pay for miles instead of taxes or finance on a new car!


What they do

Using software and algorithms, Fleetondemand compare, use, and contrast different mobility services.

With this information, they can provide their customers, whether they’ve individuals or companies, with the best mobility services possible.

Their vision is to help shift away from the idea of travel and mobility that has existed for years.

Instead of freedom only being allowed for those with the car, the private jet, the money or the job, a drive for mobility can help everyone have the freedom to go wherever they’re needed.


The Problems

This creates a unique challenge, though.

Due to how much work they do from offices, laptops and phones in order to create and maintain a service that can take people anywhere, how do they maintain this equipment?

While all the work onsite is going offsite, how do you maintain what is onsite as much?

Because of this, they needed to track their PCs, CCTV cameras, televisions, mobile phones and tablets in a more modern and easy way. This is especially as the company is still growing in their drive for mobility.

They wanted a clear and concise way to manage and store their asset data, managing, tracking, and updating information across all of their office equipment.

Without IT asset management software, data collection and management was an almost impossible task.


The Solution: IT asset management software

In order to save time on tracking and maintaining their equipment, Fleetondemand looked to IT asset management software for help and found itemit.

They’ve said it’s helpful, easy to use, and that they would recommend it since then.

So how has asset tracking helped?

The asset management software has helped to manage their IT assets in a way which is enjoyable and massively time efficient.

Using our asset tags, they’ve kept their office assets in order. With itemit’s easy to use and simple user interface, keeping everything in order became a pleasure.

Since downloading the app, Fleetondemand has reported that they’ve saved at least 20 hours that would be spent finding, researching, or attempting to maintain their fixed assets.

Fleetondemand says that the best and most helpful asset management feature itemit provides is the fact that it’s a mobile app! With the app and the web portal, they can track the assets that track their mobility schemes and drive for mobility without being tied to a desk.

Also, as their company grows, and as their work becomes more complex as technology does, the need to be adaptable is clear. This is helped out by IT asset management software.


When we asked Luke Creighton, the CSC Executive of the company, for a Testimonial, this is what he said:

“Powerful reporting tools, a great mobile app and high quality QR tags provide a fast and highly accurate way of storing and tracking our most valuable assets plus fantastic customer service! All in all, this is great value for money. The simplicity of the app design allows ease of use which you are able to pull out of your pocket to update your assets at any given moment! Fantastic!”

He then went on to say they will be using itemit for years to come.

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