pub asset tracking a pint

Pub asset tracking can help keep everything running smoothly and effectively.

Whether it’s for a rugby match, a big game, St. Patrick’s day, New Year’s Eve, or just for a normal weekend, pub asset tracking can help you keep everything under control. Manage the amount of alcohol you have and link it to your license information. Keep everything kept cool that needs to be. Even link drinks to make cocktails easier to make!

Asset tracking makes it simple. With itemit, the simple asset management software, everything is quick, and everything is easy.


Barrels of Fun

Tracking barrels and beer

First of all, how do you use asset tracking software to track your barrels?

There’s a lot of information you can add to all of your barrels, but the most helpful thing you can do is track them whilst your bartenders are working.

When a barrel needs to be changed, it can grind the bar to a halt while one bartender goes to the back to retrieve what’s needed.

If there are 288 pints in a barrel, you can update information about when the barrel was changed and when a fresh barrel is in use. After every twenty pints or so poured, update the barrel’s info. When you reach a certain amount, you can quickly get the next barrel ready.

What’s more? You can find the next barrel faster, too!

Using asset tags, whether they’re QR code asset tags or RFID asset tags, you can instantly see the barrel’s location and fetch it faster. Less time changing barrels, less chance people look at the bar and think “bit full for me”. More pints poured, more money made.

You can also add information such as when barrels have been bought to ensure you get the absolute most (beer) possible out of them


Raising Spirits or Wine-ding Down

Tracking Wine and Spirits

Wine first because it’s less fun than spirits, but after beer because of that age old expression: “beer before wine, everything fine…”.

There are so many benefits to tracking your wine and using an asset management system in order to do this.

If you have a lot in the cellar, ageing beautifully, you can add the vintage to an asset management app. That way when someone comes in asking for a 2014 chablis, with the use of your asset tags, you’ll be able to head down into the cellar and find it in an instant.

Just scan the bottle while you’re either selling it or pouring it, and update the information of the specific asset. That way, you can keep your cellars full and well stocked. For example, with itemit’s collections and sharing features, you can track all of your chardonnay at once, meaning that when there are only a few bottles left, you can buy more.

Now. Spirits.

The first thing about spirits is that they’re expensive. The second thing about spirits is that they’re expensive. What this means is that they can make an easy profit margin, if you optimise how often you buy bottles of spirits.

If you use asset tracking management, you can see how often each type of spirit and brand is consumed. If it’s tequila, you’ll know to more frequently buy salt and limes (as well as the tequila). If it is tequila, you’ll also know to track your tables closer for when that hen do gets rowdy.

What else can spirits do that makes money? Cocktails.

With the itemit app, you can add related items, information and create collections. What this means is that you can relate a collection of spirits, add ingredients, and make it much, much easier on your bartenders to make the cocktails.

Searching through a recipe book to find the right cocktail, then finding the spirits one by one wastes a lot of time. That time is crucial because wasted time could mean lost patrons.


“Can you hear me now?”

Tracking electronics

There’s a lot more to a pub than its alcohol, however.

Pub quizzes, jukeboxes, open mic nights, fruit machines and (maybe) karaoke.

To think about the amount of electronics a pub actually uses, all you have to do is watch Shaun of the Dead. Lighting, music, speakers, everything.

It’s important to keep your electronic assets safe and running smoothly, therefore. There’s liquids getting spilled everywhere and so you don’t want any exposed wires. With asset management software, it’s possible to keep track of important maintenance information.

Never miss a PAT test or a review again. Keep your fruit machines safe and working properly (well, you don’t want them to pay out too often). Keep your microphones for the pub quiz and open mics free from feedback.

Equipment tracking and management can save you a lot of money because it can keep your assets working. More clarity and transparency about your assets means quicker fixes (because of added maintenance information), which means more use.


Best of the Rest

Tracking furniture and the kitchen

You can even track your chairs and tables. Outside in the beer garden or inside the pub itself, you can track all of your furniture.

That lovely sofa in the corner? Track it so that you know exactly when it was last cleaned, when it’s been stained and needs to be cleaned, and when it’s totally ruined. Then, share this information with your colleagues so that they know exactly what jobs they need to do and when.

Now, for the kitchen. The birthplace of the best fish and chips in the world. With asset tracking you can keep your electronic assets running with ease. You can add information to keep everything spotless. You can even track your ingredients.

Whether fresh or frozen, you can track the use by and purchase dates of any ingredients. This means your chefs can use the best ingredients possible, it also means less food waste, which also means less money lost.

If you want specifics about how you can run and keep your kitchen clean and hygienic, check out this blog.


Closing Time

What about ROI? How much do RFID asset tags cost? Where can I find UK asset tags? Where do I get QR tags that work? Is there any free asset tagging software?

itemit can promise you time, and therefore it can promise you a beautiful ROI. As for any questions about tagging, you can use our pre-printed asset labels, whether they’re QR code tags or RFID tags. The prices vary depending on the purpose, so feel free to contact us for more information.

And the most important part, yes! You can try us out for free to make sure your ROI will be worthwhile. Don’t worry, you’ll start to see results and an easier way of running things right away.

What else is there to say apart from good luck this St. Patrick’s day! Don’t worry, you’ve got this.


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