Did you know, you can use itemit, the simple asset management software, to track your passport? “How can I use itemit to track my passport”? With our qr code asset tags and our simple and effective asset tracking app, it’s simple. What’s more, you can get our asset tracking software free today.

You can use an rfid asset tracking system, but rfid asset tags cost more than they’re worth when it comes to using our asset tracking solutions for passports. Rfid asset tags cost more than qr code asset tags, so why wouldn’t you just use a simpler asset tagging system and add your passport to a fixed asset register, or a simple asset register, both of which itemit automatically generates.

Know exactly where you left your passport with asset tagging and our free asset management software. Never miss a flight again, whether you’re adding your passport to itemit and using it as an equipment barcode asset tracking software, or if you’re travelling around and networking while using itemit as a creative asset management software.

Get free qr code asset tags today if you sign up to our free trial of the enterprise version of our asset tracking app.

Add reminders of when your passport is going to expire which will automatically update your fixed asset register with our cloud based system.

”Why should I use itemit to track my passport?” Using our free asset tracking software means that you’ll be able to pack your things faster and use a quick and easy asset tagging system, whether using rfid asset tracking or qr code asset tags, you’ll have more peace of mind about your passport, and it’ll add a fundamental item to your fixed asset register if you go abroad on business a lot. It’s much better than using a spreadsheet.

itemit, the free, simple and creative asset management software is based from the uk, but it can help you go worldwide with our easy and effective asset tracking system.

1. Open our asset tracking app and create your passport’s asset profile.

Remember, you can download our barcode asset tracking software free and get supercharged barcodes in the form of qr code asset tags!

how can I track my passport

A. Sub-items

You can use our asset tracking software free to add related items. This means you can relate your luggage so that they’re linked.

1. Click on the “plus” above “Related items”.

related icons clicking

2. Click on the “plus” next to “Add sub-items”.

adding sub-items

3. Select the item you wish to link and press “save”.

adding passport to luggage

B. Reminders

You can use our asset management software in the uk or anywhere around the world for offline reminders. This make sure you know exactly when you need things.

1. Click on the “plus” above reminders.

plus above reminders

2. Here you can add reminders such as the passport’s expiry date.

adding a passport reminder

C. Information

Use our free asset tracking software to add information such as serial numbers, issue dates, and the website of the passport issuer.

1. Click on the “plus” above “Information.

adding information to your assets

2. Select the type of information.

what type of information

3. Here you can add information such as purchase dates, issue websites, consulate phone numbers.

passport issue date

D. Barcode asset tracking software

How can I closely track my passport? Use our asset tracking software free with qr code asset tags so that you know exactly where you left your passport.

1. If you wish to use a barcode asset management system, click on the “plus” above “tags”.

using qr code asset tags

2. Scan in your qr code asset tags and the location will update automatically!

using an effective asset tagging system

It’s even possible to add comments with attachments, such as the original passport images.

So I can track my passport. What else can I use itemit’s asset tracking solutions for?

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