top ten uses of itemit asset tags

itemit’s impressive range of asset tags helps you with your asset tracking and management processes.

We have choices from vinyl QR code sticker labels to anodised aluminium, to RFID tags at a wide range of different sizes.

Our anodised aluminium tags come with a powerful 3M adhesive on the reverse. We provide an extremely durable and hard-wearing finish to this type of aluminium which has passed salt mist and UV durability tests.


Instant Identification of Asset Information

Thanks to our fast and bespoke asset management system, it’s a speedy process to access asset information.

All you have to do is set up asset information in either the app or web portal, link one of our asset tags, and then start tracking!

When you’ve set up your asset’s information, you’ll be able to scan the asset tag to see the asset’s profile. Here, you can either edit information or use it for auditing and informational purposes, such as to access user manuals or receipts. 

Every time you scan a tag, the last seen location and the previous user that scanned it updates in real-time.


Knowing What’s Yours

When you use itemit’s QR code asset tags, all of your assets become readily identifiable.

This has been helpful in labs, construction sites, for charities and in office blocks where there’s a risk of equipment getting mixed up.

Our asset tags proudly state “Tracked by itemit” on them, which not only minimises the chance of accidental loss but also acts as a theft deterrent.


Moving Equipment from Site to Site

As every scan updates the last seen location and the user, using itemit’s asset labels is a speedy way to track equipment between sites.

You can also use our locations feature and our quick-add feature to edit asset locations in bulk. If, for example, several assets are moving from one site to another, quick-add cuts the time spent re-assigning asset location down considerably.


A Durable Solution for Heavy Duty Equipment

Our anodised aluminium tags come in two sizes as standard: 25mm and 50mm. If you’re tracking plant equipment or assets that take a pounding, you can use these tags for greater peace of mine.

Equipment tracking processes are a lot easier when the tags don’t fall off, which is why our anodised aluminium tags have a powerful 3M adhesive on the reverse as standard.


Public Profiles: Fire Safety and Facilities Management

Many of our users are using our asset tagging system to increase safety or their facilities management processes

Our public profiles feature allows you to open up issue reporting to anyone with a smartphone. 

If a passer-by sees a problem, they can scan the asset and report it for the facilities management team to recognise and fix. Settle, the University of Cambridge, and St. John’s Innovation Centre are using this feature, and it was developed thanks to an InnovateUK grant to improve fire safety practises and avoid the risk of another Grenfell tragedy.


IT Asset Management

IT asset management is a lot easier with the use of QR code asset tags. Being able to stick a vinyl sticker onto a laptop and add in information about who owns it and is using it is useful in creating more efficient work processes.

If there is communal IT equipment, you can use our bookings feature to check it out to different users.


Improving Team Dynamics

The itemit asset management suite allows you to add as many users as you want.

Any user can come across an asset and scan it in the app to see information about it. You can limit user permissions to hide them regarding all of the data, but you can also attach user manuals.

Knowing how your workforce interacts with assets improves teamwork and your efficiency.


Quickly Hiring Out Equipment

Asset tags make hiring out equipment an almost instant process.

Whether you’re hiring equipment out to employees or external companies. All you have to do is scan the tag, select “check-out” and add who you’re checking the asset out to and for how long.

When the assets are due back, you’ll get a notification, and you can view a calendar showing who your assets are with in our web portal.


Moving House or Office

With asset tags, moving house or office doesn’t have to be an arduous, painful, and stressful experience.

Put the fun and excitement back into moving by tagging up your belongings and tracking them between the move.

Scan all of your assets in one place, scan them again in the next, run a report, have peace of mind that everything is where it should be. If it’s not, the audit trail alone makes it a lot easier to retrieve anything that’s been left behind.


Tracking High-Value Assets With RFID Asset Tags

If you’re opting for a system with a further read range and hidden asset tags, you can also use our RFID tags.

Get a TSL or Zebra reader from us and order your tags, then you can put them in the frames of paintings or inside the body of a guitar so that you can track the assets without a visible asset tag.

The Ministry of Defence is using this system to track priceless paintings, so if you have high-value assets, use itemit!

So however you wish to track your assets, or whatever you’re tracking, you can use itemit’s asset tags to do so. Our complete asset management suite makes accountability, compliance, and competency a breeze.

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