modern day asset tracking with public profiles

The past couple of months have seen some huge feature releases for the itemit asset tracking software, including Quick Add, Bookings and now Public Profiles!

What is a public profile?

What is a public profile I hear you ask? Let me show you.


If you’re new to itemit, then check out this quick demo video of the asset tracking software. If you’re an itemit Pro, then you’ll know what we mean when we say itemit gives each of your assets a unique profile page. This page is a safe place to securely store important asset information and to see where your assets are and who has them. Previously, asset profiles were only accessible to those people added to your system and with their own itemit account. You told us that for some assets you’d like specific pieces of information to be accessible by users with no itemit account.

And as if by magic… itemit asset tracking Ta daa! Welcome to itemit’s public profiles. 

Can I control if my assets are made public?

Of course! Head to the itemit web portal and you’ll see you’ve now got a setting on the Settings page which lets you turn on or turn off the ability for public users to scan your QR code asset tags. By default, this is turned off so that your data stays nice and private. But if you’d like to get more people scanning your assets that switch that toggle to on!

How do public profiles help with my asset tracking?

Great question. In a nutshell, rather than needing your customers, and widespread team to sign up to itemit and download the itemit app (which can often be a barrier to usage), now your assets can be scanned by any user so that they can find out more information. Public users can also report issues about your assets which get added to your issues list in the itemit web portal. To do this they will need to sign up to itemit – that way you won’t get sent anything unhelpful.

The key benefits are:

  1. Now, anybody can scan your assets, without needing to sign up and download the itemit app
  2. For facilities managers – now you have a quick an easy way for building users, tenants and visitors to quickly report issues about any issues they find
  3. If your assets get misplaced, whoever finds your assets can scan the QR tag, find out who the asset belongs to and get it returned safely to you.

There are so many fantastic opportunities that this public profiles feature provides you with. St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge is already taking advantage of this great new functionality. Read more about how they are tracking public assets and allowing visitors, tenants and staff to report issues about assets by merely scanning the asset’s QR tag.

If you’re looking for asset tracking software that takes a modern-day approach to assets and their management, then take a look at itemit. You’ll get cloud-based software comprised of iOS and Android apps and a powerful desktop portal and a vast range of asset tagging options to choose from.

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