What Are the Best Asset Management Tracking Tools?

Asset management tracking tools assist with your operations. They give you more visibility over how your tools and equipment are behaving and create the ability to export and use reports.

 Your asset tracking software will use a variety of tools to ensure you’re getting the best out of your investment. So, you’ll be able to view where assets are, who is using them, how long they’ve been using them for, and more!

With asset management tracking tools, you save time and money, making it much easier to deliver projects on time and under budget. Not only this but if you’re using a variety of asset tagging options, you’ll be able to view where your assets are at any given moment, as well as have the audit trail relating to where they have been.


The Best Asset Management Tracking Tools

Undeniably, the best asset management tracking tools relate to asset tagging and location monitoring. With location monitoring, you get a full view of where your assets are. 

This helps with verification if you need to know if an asset is on-site or if it’s in a warehouse. This also helps reduce asset retrieval times, ensuring you can view where an asset is and collect it with less time spent and less petrol wasted.

The best thing about these asset management tracking tools is that they’ll help with any form of assets and any form of asset management. So, if you’re implementing IT asset management, you’ll be able to use asset tags to assist with working from home and assist with equipment maintenance simultaneously.


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QR Code Asset Tags

QR code asset tags work much like barcodes. The difference is, QR codes hold much more information and are much more customisable. QR codes work with last seen location scanning, so, every time you scan an asset’s QR code tag, the last seen location will update.

As QR codes are customisable, you’ll be able to use a wide range of options, such as anodised aluminium QR code asset tags for assets that go through a lot more wear and tear.

To find out more about metal tags, you can read our blog about metal QR tags for equipment tracking or you can view our asset tags page.


RFID Asset Labels

RFID can work in a few ways, depending on your budget and your requirements. We’re currently implementing fixed RFID tracking into itemit, for example.

With fixed RFID tracking, you get full automation, where you don’t have to scan an asset for asset locations to update. This asset management tracking tool means that you can verify that assets are on site and being used without any interaction.

A more general RFID usage works in a similar way to QR code asset tags. Using a third-party reader, you’ll scan RFID tags to update the asset’s location. The benefit of this is that you don’t need a line of sight, so if you want to hide the tag (for example, if you’re tracking high value assets), it’s possible with RFID tracking.

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GPS Tracking

Finally, you’ll be able to use GPS tags with your asset management tracking tools. GPS shows you where assets are periodically or in real-time. 

With GPS, you’ll be able to geofence assets meaning that if they leave a location, you can view where they’ve gone and retrieved the asset after a theft.

You can also use GPS to verify that assets are at a location where fixed RFID tagging hasn’t been implemented. So, you’ll be able to see that everything is where it should be and make corrections if needed.

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Overall, you save time and money with the best asset management tracking tools as they show you all of the locations you need to know. Any necessary corrections are faster and, more importantly, are possible with these tools.

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