What Is The Best Asset Management Software In 2021?

What Is The Best Asset Management Software In 2021?

Asset management software must work in a certain way to make it the best. You need to have the core functionality, and it needs to improve your business and operations. However, various additions are what differentiate a standard asset management software from the best on the market.

So, what is the best asset management software in 2021?

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Tagging And Tracking Functionality

First of all, you must have a quick and simple way to identify assets and interact with them. The idea behind switching to asset management software is to automate, share responsibilities, and improve your accountability and operations.

Therefore, you need a simple way to update asset information and view asset data. Without this, you may run into blocks in terms of speed and asset discovery.

With QR code asset management operations, asset discovery and updates are simple. As each of your assets will have unique profiles in your asset management software, the process of editing these profiles comes down to scanning an attached asset tag in your asset tracking app.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, too, the last seen location and user who scanned the tag will update automatically using your phone’s GPS data. This gives you a robust and accurate audit trail of all of your asset interactions.

Asset Details, Finances, And Other Information

Once your assets are logged into your system, you need to have cutting-edge functionality to be able to get the most out of your asset management software.

This means that you’ll need to be able to use equipment booking software functionality, as well as track specific asset data, monitor asset issues, and create reports.

The best asset management software allows you to combine efforts and share them. This means that, in the same system, you’ll be able to implement IT asset tracking operations alongside fixed asset management procedures.

With the use of relevant features, this allows you to have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date audit trail. You can export fixed asset registers, for example, for insurance and tax operations while keeping your hardware asset management operations separate, overall improving your systems.

itemit’s Asset Management Software

With itemit, you can combine operations across your business. Anything related to asset management, you’ll be able to achieve. 

itemit is built on the ability to make your life easier, your asset tracking faster, and your reporting accurate. This means that no matter the angle you’re coming from, so long as it relates to your assets, you’ll earn a high return on investment on your efforts.

itemit also has the unique ability to combine asset tracking technologies. So, you’ll be able to use GPS trackers in conjunction with fixed RFID readers. This allows you to create a completely accurate and transparent view of your assets, as any movement or any change will be updated in your system automatically.

To find out more about how itemit is the best asset management software in 2021, you’ll be able to contact the team at team@itemit.com. You can also fill in the form below to start your very own 14-day free trial.

Best Asset Management Software 2021

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