Why IT Asset Management Is So Critical

Why IT Asset Management Is So Critical

Lost in a daze trying to identify IT assets?

Can’t wrap your head around why IT asset management is crucial to businesses nowadays? 

There’s no need to worry because, in this blog, we’ll be going over everything related to IT asset management! 

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What Are IT Assets?

Let’s start off with some baby steps: “What is an asset?”. 

Simply put, an asset is something, anything, that you own which plays a role in your routine business operations. 

The term “IT asset” is quite straightforward – it refers to all assets related to IT. As such, IT assets are not limited to only hardware, they may also consist of software. Even digitally-stored information makes the cut!

To improve your understanding of IT assets, we’ve given a brief description of three different forms of IT assets:

  • Hardware: Any physical object used to carry out digital tasks can be considered to be IT hardware. Examples include laptops, smartphones and printers to name a few. 
  • Software: Purchased or leased software that you employ in conducting day-to-day business operations. For instance, check-in/check-out software is considered to be an IT asset. Find more about software asset management.
  • Digital Information: Any information that is used by your business to carry out different tasks is classified as an IT asset. This may be a licence agreement, cryptocurrency asset, or even an NFT.

How Can IT Asset Management Be A Boon For Your Business?

Reduce Wastage In Your Business

IT asset management software gives you a bird’s eye view of the data. However- itemit isn’t limited to just this. Using itemit’s asset management software, you can view each individual asset.

By storing relevant and up-to-date data, your asset management software becomes a powerful tool. Taking advantage of itemit’s can allow you to you can extend your assets’ lifespan, improve your assets accountability and maximise the return on your investments. This is accomplished through maintenance schedule reminders, asset tracking and customisable reports- all features built directly into itemit itself.

Whether you want to log your asset depreciation or book assets in advance, itemit can do it all within the blink of an eye.

Improve Accountability Within Your Business

The constant nagging worry of assets being misplaced getting under your skin?

Well, by employing itemit for IT asset management, you can rest at ease knowing that you’ll never misplace an asset again.

By knowing where your assets are, and who has them, your workers will waste less time in locating assets. itemit logs the current assignee and the assignee history automatically so that there is no chance for any discrepancy in the data. 

Simply knowing that all this data is being recorded will subconsciously spur your employees to be more responsible with your business’s assets. Greater accountability leads to greater care, and greater care of assets leads to a longer asset lifespan. 

Naturally, as accountability within your business improves, so does its productivity-boosting your business’s profitability in the long run.

IT asset Management And Asset Tags

One of the dandiest features in itemit is its support for asset tags. Asset tags open up a wide range of possibilities with itemit’s IT asset management software. 

Speeding up asset check-in/check-out is just the tip of the iceberg- by using asset tags, you can use itemit’s IT asset management software to implement GPS asset tracking, RFID tracking and all sorts of different features.

Why Is IT Asset Management Crucial

For business dealing with IT, itemit’s asset management software solution is an absolute necessity. whether you want to keep track of your IT assets or optimise productivity and business funds allocation, itemit’s IT asset management software can help you out on all ends.

Using IT asset management software, you can create unique asset profiles for each and every IT asset. By doing so, you can store important information about each asset to its unique profile. 

For example, if you’ve recently bought a laptop, you can create a new asset profile for said laptop, and store important information such as the purchase date, purchase cost, warranty information, and laptop specifications. This data can then be accessed from any place, at any time. With the help of itemit, you can track your assets in real-time. As a result, accountability in your business is bound to improve-say goodbye to worrying about your assets being misplaced!

However, that’s not all. With IT asset management you can easily keep track of your asset’s location and their current assignee. 

By presenting data in orderly reports and exports, data analysis becomes much easier. With relevant data available at your fingertips, making well-informed decisions becomes a cakewalk.

Recording unique information for different assets opens a lot of new doors leading to your business’s growth. At the end of the day, IT asset management software gives you greater clarity and control over your IT assets and their data. all this data is always accessible to you. 

itemit And IT Asset Management

itemit is a must-have for an IT-intensive business. Equipped with a multitude of handy features, itemit can boost your business’s productivity tremendously

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, you can opt to contact our team at team@itemit.com. We look forward to resolving any queries that you may have!

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