What Is A Church Asset Register?

What Is A Church Asset Register?

A church asset register helps you save time and money. In essence, an asset register is a log of all of your assets. With this system in place, you can see where your assets are, who has them, and how they’re behaving.

Overall, having these capabilities helps you monitor where efficiencies can be created and where there any gaps, helping you prevent lost assets and duplicate purchases.

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What Are Church Assets?

In the broader sense, assets can be anything physical that you own. So, for a construction company, their assets will be tools such as spanners and screwdrivers.

For a church, therefore, assets can be instruments, educational props, robes, anything! These assets either will or won’t move frequently, but they may change hands.

Then, if you think about the amount of information you can add to your assets, it becomes clear why a church asset register is needed. For example, you may need to know when the organ was last tuned or verify that chalices have been washed and are ready for a service.

What Is A Church Asset Register?

A church asset register is a log of your assets and relevant information related to your assets. In the past, spreadsheets were largely used to log, monitor, and track this information.

However, spreadsheets create gaps. This is as every time an asset moves, an asset register will become out of date. Also, each cell on your asset register corresponds to a critical bit of information, so it’s easy to lose data this way.

This is where asset register software comes in. With asset register software, you can log asset information in unique profiles that correspond to assets, instead of letting information get lost in a spreadsheet.

Using Asset Register Software

Asset register software creates efficiencies and allows you to have more automation while tracking your assets. For example, you’ll be able to use asset tags on certain assets.

Asset tags allow you to track asset locations as, every time you scan a tag with your smartphone, the last seen location automatically updates using your phone’s GPS.

Also, whenever you scan an asset’s tag, the asset’s profile will open up, ready for you to log any issues or additional information.

There are many more helpful features that you can use, including a check in check out system for equipment you’re booking out for people. Overall, this keeps things simple and transparent.

Saving Time And Money With Asset Tracking Software

Using asset tracking software features saves you time and money as you create a visible, usable audit trail. This means that you’re less likely to lose assets or purchase unnecessary duplicates.

Asset tracking software is highly customisable to your needs, too. So, if you’re tracking fixed assets, you can track asset depreciation. If you’re tracking asset bookings, you can use a check in check out system.

Any data you collect with your day to day tracking is pulled into an automated report that you can then view, edit, manage and export. This gives you clarity over where your assets are, who is using them, and how they’re behaving.

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