Equipment management and asset tracking just got an upgrade

The itemit team has been busy making simple asset tracking even simpler and even more effective. We’ve released Version 2.0 of itemit. You’ll see a lot of new features and a new design, designed to make asset management and tracking a breeze.

These new features will help you keep track of your assets in the same simple way, but you can now get things done faster, organise your assets more helpfully and even monitor issues raised against your assets – all from one system. The biggest game-changing feature itemit now offers is the ability to share a sub-set of assets with your colleagues, so you can control who can see what!

Another handy addition – you can now track your personal and business assets separately. Keep track of your car’s MOT, insurance and tax in your personal workspace and monitor your laptops, devices and tools in your company workspace. Everything you need, all in one handy app.

Here’s a bit more information about the new asset tracking capabilities:



Workspaces are how you separate the monitoring of business assets from your home inventory tracking. With workspaces you can have a personal set of assets as well as a set of business assets.

Your personal workspace will be where you manage your home inventory, including assets such as your car, your washing machine, your creative assets, your books and more! Keep track of important due dates such as your home insurance renewal date and the warranty expiry dates of your white goods and appliances. Create a handy home inventory that holds all the important information about your assets, so you never forget a crucial renewal again.

Separate to your home inventory workspace, you’ll have a Pro workspace where you create and maintain an asset register for your business. You can, of course, still use QR code asset tags and RFID asset tags to keep track of your critical business assets.

This means your home assets will be kept safe and sound. You can choose to share your personal assets with your family, so they can help you keep track of things. Meanwhile, your boss and your colleagues can all access your company assets from your company workspace, which is completely separate. So, your home assets stay private but it’s still quick and easy for you to switch to viewing your work assets.

You can now also create collections and collection profiles.

This means it’s a lot easier to manage and group your assets by type, price, owner, colour, anything! It’ll all update on your fixed asset register, and so now it’s a lot easier to see what your assets are or who is in charge of them.

Visit the Reports page and analyse your fixed asset register. Here you can easily filter your assets by any properties. Need to run a report on which assets are due for inspection – it’s simple. Need to know which assets are currently in London – now you can!

You can even export all of this information for financial, legal, insurance, or business purposes.


Create your own location hierarchy for asset management

In addition to itemit recording automatically the last seen location of your assets each time they are scanned, you can now create a custom location hierarchy to which you can assign your assets to. This allows for quick and easy asset monitoring and location tracking.

If your assets belong in a specific laboratory or store room, or even on a particular shelf, you can now ensure they are where they’re supposed to be. This is especially helpful if you have critical assets that you need to find at short notice or if your tools and equipment assets move from site to site or room to room.

For example, you can add a hierarchical location of your building, including the building’s name, floors, rooms, even down to store cupboards and shelves. Then you can assign assets to particular locations and update them on the fly by scanning an asset or piece of equipment.

Find your assets much faster using locations and location hierarchies.


Issues Management

The itemit issues management feature lets you raise issues against individual assets – gone are the days of vague issue and fault reports! Your team will no longer need to try and find out which air con unit in the room is the one with the fault, now they’ll know!

Issues management uses cutting edge technologies to make your life easier. All you need to do is report an issue against an asset by describing the fault or problem. The smart itemit AI bot will prioritise your issues for you so you can spend less time sifting through them. You can always re-prioritise your issues, should you need to.

Your maintenance team will be able to see incoming issues in real time and set to fixing them.



Share your assets!

You can now share sub-sets of your assets with your colleagues, so you can restrict what your team has access to. If you have multiple sites and want to restrict visibility of critical assets to only staff based at that particular site, it’s super easy, just share the assets at e.g. the London Site with those that need access.

If you’re a personal collector of coins, books, DVDs, miniatures, action figures, anything, you will now be able to share your collections of assets with friends and family. Why not show off those collectibles!

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