Did you know you can use itemit for reading list tracking? It’s simple! Use our asset tracking and management system to track what books you’ve read, when you’ve read them, and exactly where you’ve left them home inventory has never been so simple!

itemit, the simple asset management software will automatically create a fixed asset register of all of your books. Use qr code asset tags or use itemit as an rfid tracking app for simple and effective asset monitoring. With our asset management system software you’ll never have to take long searching for your books again.

If you’re using itemit as an rfid tracking app, you can quickly see where every single one of your books are with ease, but it’s just as simple with our unique qr code asset tags.

Add information and labels to your asset profiles so that you can see what you have and haven’t read, which books are damaged, and which ones are in prime condition. With our simple asset management software you can also add purchase information. This will automatically update your fixed asset register so you can instantly see how much you’ve spent on your reading list!

Reading list tracking has never been so simple. You can even add ebooks to your asset register.

1. Open our asset tracking app and create your books’ asset profiles.

Don’t forget, you can use itemit free as a home inventory app and even use our supercharged barcode asset tags for tracking purposes.

reading list tracking

Once you have created your asset register of books, you can start with reading list tracking.

A. Sub-items

You can use our asset tracking software free to add related items. Relate books by author, by genre, by decade, anything!

1. Click on the “plus” above “Related items”.

related icons clicking

2. Click on the “plus” next to “Add sub-items”.

adding sub-items

3. Select the item you wish to link and press “save”.

adding sub items

B. Labels

You can use itemit to add labels. This can help you manage and categorise your assets. Labels can be anything, including: read, unread, genres such as horror, comedy, or sci-fi, or categories such as non-fiction.

1. Click on the “plus” above labels.


2. Add the labels relevant to your reading list tracking and press “save”.

add labels

B. Reminders

You can use our asset management software in the uk or anywhere around the world for offline reminders. You can use this on holiday or at home to remind yourself of when to read something.

1. Click on the “plus” above reminders.

using reminders

2. Here you can add reminders such as when to read or finish reading books by.

create reminders

C. Information

Use our free asset tracking software to add information such as serial numbers if you’re a library, purchase and financial information.

1. Click on the “plus” above “Information.

adding information

2. Select the type of information.

what type of information

3. Here you can add any information relevant to your reading list tracking.

using information

D. Barcode asset tracking software

Where did I leave my books? You can use our asset tracking software free with qr code asset tags or as an rfid tracking app so that you know exactly where you left everything.

1. If you wish to use a barcode asset management system, click on the “plus” above “tags”.

adding qr code asset tags

2. Scan in your qr code asset tags and the location will update automatically!

using an effective asset tagging system

It’s even possible to add comments with attachments, such as original cover art.

More than just reading list tracking.

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