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Whether you’re a professional artist, or if you do it as a hobby, you will have creative assets. All of these creative assets together will make up a fixed asset register (as they’ll be what makes your artwork money). So, what will your fixed asset register look like? What kind of free asset tracking software do you need to use? Do you need an rfid tracking app? How much do rfid asset tags cost? Or, what about qr code tags? If you’re using qr code asset tags what’s the best way to implement a simple asset tracking solution?

itemit has all the answers. You can use the itemit app as a home inventory app, as an equipment tracking app, as an rfid asset tracking app and as a simple barcode asset tracking solution. itemit is the free and simple asset management software that can track every one of your creative assets, and will automatically create a fixed asset register too!

Free asset management software is few and far between, but with our simple asset management app, you can order unique asset tags from the UK, whether they’re rfid asset tags, qr code asset tags. You can even order metal qr code tags from us!

What kind of simple asset tracking solution would you, as an artist, need then? As you can use itemit as an equipment management tracking app, if you’re a sculptor you can track and maintain your equipment. If you’re a builder you can use our asset tracking app for construction equipment tracking. If you’re a painter, you can use itemit as a home inventory app. You can even use our asset management system software if you’re a graphic designer and track your electronic creative assets.

You won’t be able to track your muse, however. Unless your muse is your cat, in which case you’ll be able to use our asset management software free in order to track reminders for visits to the vet, vaccinations and Mittens’ cute little collar!


What are your creative assets?

Your creative assets will entirely depend on what kind of artist you are. If you’re a classical artist, for example, there’ll be paints and easels on your fixed asset register. If you’re an auteur movie maker, there’ll be cameras and microphones perhaps. If you’re a musician they’ll be your instruments and electronics.



So, for the classical artists what can you track?

With the itemit asset management software, you can track your paints, your easel, your canvases, even your beret! Add information about when paints are running out or the amount of canvases you have left. Set reminders to buy more oils.

Need some inspiration? You can add attachments of paintings to your canvases so that you can simply scroll down the asset tracking app in order to see beautiful works of art that your canvases could become!



You can use itemit as a home inventory app. This means you can get our asset management software free and use it to track your pens, pencils, erasers and paper, from H250 to B250!

Link your creative assets together with our asset management software and categorise them all. You can even have a pencil-case as a parent asset, so that when you’re tracking your assets you know where they all are at exactly the same time.

You can even use an rfid system with asset labels and rfid readers so that you can stocktake and make sure all of your coloured or shading pencils are exactly where they need to be in an instant.



If you’re a digital artist, you can also use our barcode asset tracking software free. Use itemit as an equipment tracking app as well as a home inventory app, track your electronic assets with ease.

You can use our unique rfid or qr code asset tags in order to instantly know where your computers, tablets, and software is. Streamline the creative process and link everything up so that it’s simple to make digital art.

Track your software and manage it by adding information such as activation keys, recurring prices, login information. Add it to your fixed asset register to keep a closer eye on your finances.



More of a Michelangelo? You can also use our simple asset management software as a small tools asset tracking app. Track hammers and get sculpting. Create incredible works of art without spending time trying to figure out where you left that chisel.

Again, you can use qr code asset tags or an rfid asset tracking system in order to do this, but you don’t have to. You can assign locations to your tools without the use of rfid or qr code asset tags if that’s your preference. Our free asset management software is customisable and can completely suit all of your creative asset tracking needs.



Apples! Oranges! Speakers! Headphones! If you’re creating an abstract work of art with literally any item, you can use our home inventory app as a simple asset tracking solution!


Why should you track your creative assets?

Picture this. You’re creating a work of art. Everything is going well. You’re certain you’re creating the next Warhol or Pollock. The music is blaring. Your kitchen is pumping out coffees to keep you going. You reach for a specific brush for the final touch.

It’s not there. You’ve lost specifically what you need. Your creative flow has been shattered.

Asset management software can streamline your creative process as you don’t have to worry about lost assets. You don’t have to worry about assets running out. Your finances can be clearer, too, if you have subscriptions to software. This is especially helpful for the struggling artist juggling their rent with their graphical design software.

What our simple asset management system software, itemit, can offer is a streamlined artistic process that will save you time and money. More clarity and transparency about assets means more efficient time shopping or planning.

Create reminders for warranties ending, group assets, know exactly where you left assets, know which pens are running out, make a reminder to buy more canvases, use barcode asset tracking solutions, track equipment. Use itemit as a home inventory app or as a qr code or rfid tracking app and lose less assets!


Making YOU money!

We’ve saved the best use of our free asset tracking software for last.

If you use our simple asset management software to track the artwork itself, you can spend more time selling and creating artwork. You can make more money off your artwork by having more time to create it.

Not only can you use itemit for your creative assets, you can also make a fixed asset register of the artwork itself. Change the status of the artwork as “in progress”, “up for sale” or “sold” or any number of other things.

Add the pricing information and use our simple and creative asset tracking app to find and distribute your artwork faster. Use qr code asset tags or an rfid asset tracking system to instantly find your works of art so that you can send them with ease.

Make money with itemit. Van Gogh online and download it now!


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