Using RFID to Track Healthcare Equipment

Using RFID to Track Healthcare Equipment

The security of medical devices is paramount to a safe and reibale heathcare service.  It has to work across all facilities and locations in a hospital network—nationally or globally. And it must be easy to manage for all users, such as hospital staff, clinicians, patients and IT. RFID healthcare asset tracking is the answer.

RFID asset tracking is similar to using barcodes or QR codes to monitor the movement of assets but with RFID you can; unlock greater levels of automation, transparency, and control. RFID asset tracking enables you to audit, manage and track assets with minimal risks and enhanced operations. No matter the size or type of industry your business belongs to, the benefits of using RFID to track assets remain the same: reduce costs, increase asset visibility, and maximise workplace efficiency.

Why You Should Use RFID to Track Healthcare Equipment

Discrete Tags

Discrete asset tags that stay out of plain sight and harm’s way can be critical for medical equipment that experiences high usage. One of the great advantages of RFID is not needing line of sight to the tag in order to detect it. This means that you can have a tag that remains hidden. At the same time, when performing a stock check of assets, the RFID reader is still able to detect the tag.

Digitise the Assets’ History

Not only are you able to track the whereabouts and value of assets with RFID tracking but you can also digitise the asset’s history. This can prove essential in a busy and fast-paced healthcare environment where assets have multiple and changing users. Users can add attachments to each asset’s digital profile where they are safely stored and preserved.

Easy Auditing

With RFID asset tracking you can quickly and easily retrieve a pdf report of your complete asset register whenever you need to. Create unique reports to assist with auditing your high value collections. The location of each asset can be recorded and updated simply by scanning the asset’s tag. This means you’ll have full visibility of where your assets are.

Control Costs

RFID tags embedded in garments and linen reduce manual handling, increasing the hygiene levels and improving infection control; provide accurate wash count records helping to predict the end-of-life date for each textile and thus to plan purchases carefully; offer visibility into inventories avoiding delays in day-to-day non-stop garment availability.

Protect Against Loss and Theft

Tagging and tracking your high value assets helps to lower the risk of theft, loss and unauthorised usage. RFID tags create a greater theft deterrent, keeping your assets safe no matter where they are. And, thanks to asset profiles, any time an asset is scanned you can see who is responsible for it. The increased visibility and accountability and a greater peace of mind when your high value collections are on the move.

itemit’s RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

RFID-enabled user authentication and access control for healthcare offers you security, flexibility and convenience. Rely on future-proof healthcare asset tracking technology with powerful software and  hardware for an optimal healthcare access control solution. Use itemit’s award-winning fixed RFID asset tracking functionality for full, off-the-shelf automation. itemit is your one-stop shop for RFID readers, tags and software. Get everything you need to manage your readers, collect tag data and deliver timely information.

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