The Benefits Of Asset Tracking Software In Healthcare

The Benefits Of Asset Tracking Software In Healthcare

Asset tracking software can give you many benefits. This is due to the core principle of asset management, the idea that each asset you’re tracking is unique, has a story, and has traceable information.

In other words, each dialysis unit should be treated as a unique asset in your asset tracking software. This is because there is information that is specific to that asset, such as maintenance history and certain identification details.

Then, you can build off this idea of uniquity to further track and manage your healthcare assets, as each asset can have specific information added to it.

Using Asset Tracking Software For Healthcare

How Does Healthcare Asset Tracking Software Work?

In essence, healthcare asset tracking software works in a similar way to social media. Similar to a unique profile that represents a unique individual, assets will have a profile on your asset management software.

Instead of adding photographs of holidays or food-related status updates, you can add photographs of damage or status updates related to who is using an asset.

The software itself gives you a helpful overview of this as all of your unique asset information is pulled into a report where you can manage and export asset information.

This way, you can view trends that your unique asset data is creating, such as if multiple assets in a certain ward all have issues at a similar time, or how a bulk of assets are moving between locations.

Preventative & Routine Maintenance

In a healthcare setting, preventative and routine maintenance are essential operations. This is possible through the principle of assets being unique and the user being able to add unique asset information.

So, one of the best things about asset tracking software is that you can choose which assets you need to track and customise the data you add to those assets using a suite of helpful features.

If you’re using a system for construction equipment tracking, for example, you will use the same features for routine and preventative maintenance. Namely, these features are reminders and issue management. The only difference here is the asset itself.

Asset tracking software is highly customisable in this sense, as you can track your fixed assets alongside your IT and healthcare assets in similar, or entirely different, ways.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is also helpful in a healthcare context as this can speed up operations. Your assets can be tagged with asset tags to speed things along, whether your assets are moving within your building or vast distances.

Primarily, asset tags work by opening up the asset profile of the piece of equipment that they’re attached to when you scan the tag. Every scan also updates the asset’s last seen location, too, giving you a tidy audit trail of where your assets have been.

You can also log free-typed locations and track asset movements this way. Sometimes a GPS location isn’t enough. For example, if you want to log that your assets are on a shelf in a room. This is where you can use effective location hierarchies to log both the shelf and the room and build asset information that way.

Using RFID Asset Tracking In Healthcare

The next stage of automation is fixed RFID asset tracking, as fixed RFID asset tracking allows you automation when it comes to location tracking. In other words, whenever an asset moves from one ward to another you will be able to use fixed RFID asset tracking to log the change.

This doesn’t require any human interaction and is totally automated. A reader will simply pick up the tag and ping this update into your asset tracking system.

You can also use handheld RFID functionality to scan and audit your assets in bulk. Hands-free is helpful in healthcare as speed is critical, but so is safety and comfort and the ability to scan assets from a distance assists in multiple operations.

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