How To Track Your Fleet’s Location

How To Track Your Fleet’s Location

When you have a lot of vehicles to take care of, doing so can often be difficult. Not only do you have to take care of every single vehicle, but you also have to know where they are all of the time. This is so that you know your vehicles are safe and they are being used correctly.

Checking the location of every single vehicle in your fleet is easier said than done, however. When you use tracking solutions that work it can make life easier. Such solutions can help you to understand where all of your fleet is all of the time.

What Asset Tracking Is

So, what exactly is asset tracking and how can it help you to understand where your vehicles are? It’s quite simple. With the use of modern asset tracking solutions that incorporate GPS technology, tracking is quite easy. All that you need to do is to fix some sort of device to each of your vehicles so that they can be tracked.

In this day and age, we are used to seeing bulky GPS trackers. Unfortunately, with this type of tracker comes a lot of problems. Because of their size, they can become damaged easily or they may even be stolen.

A solution to this is that you could use something as simple as a barcode to help you track everything. All that you need to do is ensure that the barcode is securely attached to your vehicle. As soon as it is attached you are almost ready to begin tracking.

Business Asset Tracking

How To Start Tracking Your Fleet

One of the great things about modern asset tracking solutions is that they are very easy to set up. Simply scan the barcode to create a digital profile. Enter as much information as you wish about each vehicle into the profile. Once this is complete, you are good to go.

What Exactly Can You Track?

When you use reliable and modern asset tracking solutions you can track all sorts of vehicles. Below, you will find information about just some of the vehicles that you could track.

Your Fleet Of Vans

Do you have a fleet of vans? You can track them very easily, regardless of how small or large your fleet is. You can track your largest vans, your smallest ones, and everything in between. Just make sure you stick that barcode in an area where it is going to be undisturbed. Under the driver’s seat could be a good location for the barcode. Alternatively, you could use any other location where the barcode can easily be scanned, but it is unlikely to be disturbed by anyone else.

Your Cars

Your fleet of cars can be tracked just as easily as a fleet of vans. It does not matter what cars you own, or even how often they are driven. When you use the right asset tracking solutions you can track them all.

Your Buses

Asset tags are physical tags attached to an asset. They contain a unique code, linking a physical entity to its online counterpart. Rather than looking up an asset, you can simply scan the unique code to access the asset’s stored data. This aids your business by saving time, increasing automation, and therefore improving productivity.

Moreover, every time an asset’s tag is scanned, that asset’s last seen location and the user who scanned the tag is updated automatically. With a clear and concise audit trail of who has been interacting with your assets, tracking your assets becomes a doddle.

Your Taxis And More!

Do you want a taxi company and you wish to track your taxis day and night? When you use modern and reliable asset tracking solutions, tracking is very easy. You can see where all of your taxis are all of the time. 

You could even see which taxis are being driven out of the local area, so you can estimate the taxi fare. Alternatively, this could also help you to understand whether you need to expand your business and offer a wider service.

You could also track any other vehicle. This includes electric scooters and bicycles. Thanks to the way that the barcode works and how trusted they are, vehicle tracking is easy.

Vehicle Maintenance

You are no doubt aware that maintaining your vehicles to a high standard is very important. Not only are they less likely to let you down, but they can help you to keep your customers happy. 

Asset tracking solutions allow you to do more than just track your vehicle’s locations. You can also set maintenance reminders so that every vehicle is maintained frequently. A result of this means that everything in your fleet is in much better condition. Consequently, there may be fewer breakdowns and issues. You could find that your customers are much happier once you start tracking your fleet. Happy customers are what we all strive to have. Therefore, tracking your fleet is of prime importance.

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