Importance of Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction equipment tracking saves you a lot of admin. Implementing asset tracking procedures gives you more clarity over your assets. You’ll have the ability to see what you own in an easy-to-use fixed asset register, as well as any necessary asset information.

With construction equipment tracking, you’ll:

  • Know what you own
  • Lose fewer assets
  • Pay less tax and avoid fines
  • Book assets and check them out
  • Manage maintenance

And you’ll be able to do all of this in one system!


construction equipment tracking on-site


Why Construction Equipment Tracking?

There are a lot of common problems construction companies face, such as asset theft, asset loss, knowing the correct amount to invoice, and constant deadlines.

With construction equipment tracking, you’ll be able to avoid these problems from a single easy-to-use system. Tracking and managing your assets provides you with a lot of visibility in terms of equipment use, equipment location, and equipment condition.

Knowing this information helps you minimise downtime and save a lot of time and money. The Return on Investment you get is staggering due to the time you’ll save alone, let alone with minimising asset loss and reducing asset downtime.

Asset tracking is essential, as it helps you track and manage your equipment effectively and transparently.


How Does Asset Tracking Software Work?

On your asset tracking software, you’ll be able to log digital versions of all of your assets. This way, you’ll be able to view and edit asset information online or in an asset tracking app.

Then, you’ll use asset tags to link your physical equipment to their online asset profiles. There’s a wide range of asset tagging options, which can help with a variety of different needs.

For example, you’ll be able to use GPS tags to ensure you don’t lose equipment when it goes off-site and to mitigate theft. 

Most likely, you’ll be using QR codes or barcodes to track and manage your equipment. Whenever you scan these asset tags with your asset tracking app, the equipment’s digital process will appear, ready to edit. Every scan also updates the asset’s last seen location and the user who scanned the asset.

Once you’ve scanned the tag and opened your assets profile, you’ll be able to add changes directly against the asset. So, if there’s a fault, you’ll be able to let your maintenance team know by adding an issue against the asset, for example.

issues management software

How Does Construction Equipment Tracking Save you Time and Money?

All of these changes are visible and use cloud-based functionality to update across the board. You’ll then be able to view and export customisable reports to see all of the data you need.

With reports, you’ll be able to see which assets are assigned to a user, which assets require maintenance, and which assets haven’t been seen in the past 24 hours, allowing you to make better business-based decisions.

Knowing an asset’s location saves you time and petrol, too, and being able to view the locations of all of your assets allows you to optimise asset retrieval.

Overall, therefore, you receive a Return on Investment almost instantly, as all of your operations are sped up and optimised with the use of construction equipment tracking.

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