itemit asset tracking software assignee feature

The itemit asset tracking software has just released a handy new feature that will help improve visibility of who has which assets, increase accountability and enhance your reporting and onboarding processes even more

The itemit Assignee feature lets you mark assets as being assigned to staff, whether they’re itemit users or not. 


Assigning assets to itemit users 

As you know, you can manage all of your users from your user management page in the itemit web portal. If you’re not already on one of our new unlimited user packages, drop us an email today to switch over:

With itemit, sharability and managing your users is not only possible, it’s easy. You can add users to the itemit asset tracking suite, set their permissions, choose what you share with them, and control what they can and can’t see. 

You can also use our handy reporting feature to see who has scanned your assets and their last seen location in its totality. This means that you can see exactly who has been interacting with your assets.

The next logical step was to add booking and check-in/ check-out features to integrate further how you can use itemit within your team, and the flexibility users have when it comes to asset use and visibility.

There was still something missing, though, and now we’ve launched it.


The itemit Asset Tracking Software’s Assignee Feature

You can now assign assets to users (hooray!). What this means is that you can assign equipment and IT hardware to each member of staff so that you have 100% visibility of who has been given which assets. Not only do you have accurate records, but your staff can also see the assets that they are responsible for and will be held accountable for. You’ll be amazed at the shift in behaviour and attitude this has amongst your team!


assignee and asset tracking software


Why is this helpful? There are two main uses for the assignee feature. The first one is that there are a lot of assets in your office that “belong” to someone. 

For example, if you’re looking at your IT assets, everyone will have their own laptop or desktop, or maybe both. Being able to assign these IT assets to their users improves their responsible use of the asset (which is good for insurance purposes), but it also improves transparency on your end, assisting with GDPR compliance and a bigger picture of asset use in your office.

With itemit’s asset tracking software, you’ll be able to assign every asset you need to an individual. The second helpful use of this is if you’re onboarding or hiring.

Being able to assign your assets quickly to users means that you’ll be able to see your inventory a lot clearer. If you’re onboarding a lot of people, you can assign a laptop, a phone, a desk to them, then you know quickly how many more assets you need for the next batch of new hires.


We’re Always Improving

The assignee feature is also just getting started, we’ve got some great extras coming soon. We always listen to our customers, and what you want, so we’re always ready to improve our itemit asset tracking software.

Soon, you’ll be able to see assignees in our customisable and agile reporting feature, so that you can rapidly run reports to see at a glance who is responsible for what. 

You’ll also soon be able to assign assets to what we call ‘contacts’, instead of itemit users. Users are people who have signed up and are using the itemit asset tracking software and have access to log in to the system and interact with assets. Contacts on the other hand are more like virtual representations of your staff and personnel, even teams and particular projects. Contacts can be anyone or anything. For example, if you need a way to monitor who is given which assets during your onboarding process, you can just pop their name in as a contact, if you don’t want them to have access to the system themselves. This means you won’t have to invite users to the app in order to assign an asset to them and will speed up your processes significantly.

Remember though that if you don’t invite your team to itemit, then you will miss out on so many of the benefits of our other features! Add your team as users and each member of staff can see what is assigned to them and what they have accepted responsibility for as well as reserve assets in advance and check out assets when they take them from the stores and onto site.

Go! Go! Go! Check out this new feature now and let us know if you have any questions at all. Email us at or give us a call on 01223 421611.


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