How A School Asset Register Saves Your School Money

How A School Asset Register Saves Your School Money

 A school asset register gives you more visibility over the range of assets your school owns. Using the best asset tracking software means that you can track all types of assets, from PE to interactive whiteboards. Then, these assets will automatically be updated in your school asset register when you track them.

This saves you money by saving you time, but also by preventing common and frustrating risks such as duplicate purchases, lost assets and damaged assets.

Overall, a school asset register gives you more visibility and control over what your school owns, no matter the type of asset itself.

How To Create A School Fixed Asset Register

How To Create A School Asset Register

Your school asset register is created automatically when you log assets onto your asset tracking software. The best way to do this is to audit and tag assets as you go.

You can use custom asset tags, too, that are more difficult to peel off equipment. The process of logging an asset is simply to scan an unassigned tag, then create the relevant asset.

In other words, you can add one of your colleagues’ laptops by adding a QR tag to it, scanning the tag, then typing “laptop”. This creates a unique asset profile that you can then populate with unique asset data.

It’s not recommended to use a spreadsheet for your school asset register. With the above in mind, adding “missing” assets to an asset tracking software is simple and instant where they may remain missing on a spreadsheet.

Saving Time With Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software saves you time thanks to bespoke features. At the core of your system, you have a log of everything you own, which saves you money in and of itself. Then, you have helpful features built to keep your school asset register up to date.

So, you can use your system as equipment checkout software. Then, every time someone checks out one of your assets, this will be reflected on your school asset register.

Asset tags are helpful at speeding up and automating your operations further, thanks to the ability to use auditing and other bulk scanning features. 

Time-saving benefits also save you money, as your finance team can spend more time on other priorities due to the streamlined automation asset tracking provides.

How A School Asset Register Saves You Money

Having a school asset register on your asset tracking software saves you money as you avoid risks such as ghost and zombie assets, too. While a spreadsheet is free, it will cost you money.

Spreadsheets become out of date every time an asset moves. Therefore, your fixed asset register is a snapshot of when it was written, and up-to-date for a limited time. An asset management system, however, is easy to update and manage.

In turn, this ease-of-use helps save you money as an up-to-date asset register protects you from various fines, risks, and mistakes. Overall, it’s the transparency, control and accountability that saves you the most.

itemit’s Asset Management System

itemit’s asset management system gives you all of this and more. With itemit, you can track any type of asset, from IT assets to equipment to fixed assets.

This means that itemit’s system is streamlined, customisable, easy-to-use and malleable in a way that is impossible for a spreadsheet. The suite of features and capabilities make itemit fit for your specific needs.

itemit is used in schools across the globe tracking an incredible number of assets. It’s built for purpose and provides you with the return on investment you’re looking for.

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