Why Should Schools Employ Asset Tracking Software?

Why Should Schools Employ Asset Tracking Software?

Effectively tracking assets ensures that schools know exactly what assets they own and where they are located. Asset tracking software can also be useful in terms of providing information as to the value and condition of each asset.

Using one central system, it is possible for schools to maintain good control of everything they own. From computers to tablets, furniture to textbooks and stationery, managing these assets is crucial. When assets are correctly managed there can be fewer thefts and incidences of asset misplacement. In other words, School Asset Tracking Software can tell you where each piece of equipment is at all times. 

How To Use A School Asset Manager App To Track Fixed Assets

What Assets Can You Track?

Every school in the country has countless valuable assets. Understanding where each of the assets are at all times is essential as it can help to reduce costs. The assets that all schools should consider tracking include projectors, whiteboards, textbooks, furniture, stationery, computers, tablets, and all IT equipment

School Asset Tracking Software can also help to track soft assets. Assets such as these include software licences which can be quite costly. This is particularly the case if the licence’s subscription continues when it is no longer required. Tracking soft assets can significantly improve the monitoring of all software licenses. Users will know when the licences need to be renewed, disposed of or re-assigned. 

– Tracking facility-based assets

In addition to tracking software licences, School Asset Tracking Software can also track facility-based assets. Assets such as these include plumbing, lighting and heating. These are highly important assets as they help to keep the school operating.

The Benefits of School Asset Tracking Software

The benefits of School Asset Tracking Software include: 

1. Increased Security Measures

It’s not uncommon for assets to go missing simply because they have been misplaced. Asset tracking software can help to limit the number of assets that are misplaced or even stolen. The tracking software works to make sure that real-time alerts are given if an asset is taken out of a specific area. Asset management, can, therefore, help assets to be recovered or simply give the security team peace of mind. 

QR code and barcode asset tagging make tracking quick and easy. Allowing users to quickly log which assets they are using ensures that assets are a lot less likely to go missing. It also allows team members to use assets with confidence as it’s clear exactly where the assets are.

2. Improved Budget Reporting

Asset tracking software can help school finance managers to show evidence of their use of school funding. This is simply because there is a complete list of all the school’s assets. In addition to showing how funding has been spent, the software can help the school to create more accurate accounts. In terms of future spending, knowing which assets have depreciated, increased in value, or are in need of repair can be very useful.

3. Better Forward Planning

Forward planning is key when it comes to the issue of asset management. By being able to successfully monitor assets, finance managers can understand when every asset needs maintenance. Knowing exactly when an asset such as a computer is due for maintenance can help to reduce downtime. Costs can also be reduced as a correctly maintained computer is less likely to need repairing. 

Team members can book specific assets in advance, ensuring they can have access to the assets when they need them. Assets can be checked in and out when they are used. This ensures that all assets are monitored when they’re being used.

4. Reduced Costs

The time that it takes for a member of the team to find the equipment they need could be spent undertaking other tasks. Itemit’s School Asset Tracking Software can ensure that time management and associated costs are improved. Wasted time can have a huge impact on a sector that is already stretched to its limits. With just a few clicks, the much-needed asset can be found and used as and when it is needed.

5. A Better Learning Environment

When there are fewer issues with assets, there is less disruption in the classroom. This can ensure that all students have a better working environment. Equipment that would have ordinarily failed to work can be correctly maintained. Therefore, students can continue with their studies while teachers and teaching assistants have all the tools they need.  

6. Ensuring Asset Acessibility For Employees

Thanks to the way that the software works, employees will only have access to the assets that they need. It will be clear who has a laptop, for example, where the laptop is, and how long it has been in their possession. Asset tracking software such as this can also ensure that all new members of the team have the assets that they need to carry out their jobs. This in turn helps new members of the team to feel confident in their new roles.

7. Easy Access to Tracking Tools

Users can access the web portal whenever they wish. In addition to this, they can access the software via an iOS or Android app. The apps are updated in real-time, ensuring that the school’s security team can continue to monitor assets at all times.

itemit’s School Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s School Asset Tracking Software is user-friendly and comes complete with excellent tracking capabilities. Users can easily monitor the location and movement of all of their assets using itemit’s features. Schools can struggle to keep track of all of their assets, regardless of how good their intentions are. School Asset Tracking Software makes asset tracking simple and effective. With the ability to stock check assets by location while tracking asset depreciation, asset tracking software can help immensely. 

Please reach out to the team if you have any questions. You can reach us at team@itemit.com. You can learn more about how itemit can be the ideal solution for your school asset tracking needs.

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