Learn How Asset Tracking Can Transform Your Schools Asset Management

Learn How Asset Tracking Can Transform Your Schools Asset Management

itemit’s School Asset Manager App allows administrators, teachers, and other staff members to ensure assets are available when they are required. Members of staff and students can potentially have the assets they need when they need them. By using itemit’s asset manager app, both primary and secondary schools can maximise asset usability. This can ensure that vital assets are available every single day.

The Relevance of Using an Asset Manager App in Schools

When the right asset management app is implemented in schools, it can help to:

  • Improve and track equipment usability
  • Ensure the right assets are available to teachers and students
  • Improves the management of the whole inventory and in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensure the right equipment undergoes maintenance as and when required 

Thanks to the way the right School Asset Manager App works, spending on lost or stolen assets can be significantly reduced. This is thanks to accurate tracking in addition to spending across the whole of the school. 

Additionally, the right asset manager app allows users to know the last-known location of each asset. Teachers, school managers, department heads, administrators, and members of the school district can access the list of assets. In addition to having access to the list of assets, users can also see the quantity, quality, and condition of each asset. It’s this that allows users to make an informed decision about future spending.

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The Benefits of itemit’s School Asset Manager App

There are many benefits associated with using itemit’s asset manager app. They include:

Improved Record Keeping Accuracy

Tracking documents, records, and equipment can be somewhat overwhelming when a paperwork system is used. However, the right asset manager app can make a huge difference. This is because the app is more likely to be accurate while also building a data repository of all assets. 

Another benefit of using the app is that it can back up data, ensuring it is safe at all times. In the event of a fire, paperwork can be completely destroyed. However, an asset manager app will continue to store the data without worry thanks to it being cloud-based. This ensures that insurance claims can be made without delays or complications.

Less Spending on Duplicate Assets

When a school is able to accurately track their assets, there can be less spending on duplicate assets. For example, a member of the teaching team may request 2 more tablets for their class. 

Without looking at the data, understanding whether there are enough assets is difficult. Duplicate tablets may be purchased because it can be assumed that the school does not have enough. 

When itemit’s asset manager app is used, it can be clear to see that there are plenty of tablets elsewhere. Therefore, surplus or unneeded tablets can be relocated from one area of the school to another. This essentially means that teachers and students have the tools that they need when they need them. When everyone has the tools they need, students are more likely to have a better education.

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Accurately Tracked Spending

When the right tools are used, spending requests can be managed and tracked. Whenever a department makes a request, they need to work in line with the school’s budget. Thanks to the way that our School Asset Manager App works, spending can be tracked successfully. Requests can be approved or denied thanks to the extensive knowledge that can be gained from the app. 

The likelihood of overspending is reduced, meaning departments can have the assets they need, when they need them. This can help to boost learning opportunities while enabling teachers to run more successful lessons.

Lowered Risk of Stolen or Lost Assets

From time to time, assets may be stolen or lost. When this occurs, the school usually has to purchase new equipment to replace the assets that have gone missing. As a result, the budget is affected and there may be reduced spending elsewhere. 

When itemit’s asset manager app is used, the risk of assets being lost or stolen is significantly reduced. This is thanks to the way each asset is tracked. Users of the app can see the asset’s last known location and have an idea of who is in possession of it. 

When everyone knows that assets are tracked they are more likely to be returned. In addition to this, should people need to sign for the assets in order to use them, they feel more responsible. 

When there is a lowered risk of assets being lost or stolen, asset procurement falls. Much-needed funds can be spent elsewhere and the school’s budget is more likely to be on track.

Fewer Manual Asset Audits Required

Thanks to the way this asset manager app works, users will know how much equipment there is. It is also possible to see the location of the asset at all times. What this means is that there is a reduced need for manual audits. Audits such as these can take a long time. itemit helps to eliminate the need for manual asset audits, helping to free up time. 

Audits can also take place more often as they take up less time. Schools can take stock of their assets at frequent intervals and know which departments require more funds or assets.

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Booking Equipment For Use

School departments can potentially book equipment should they wish to use it. When someone logs into itemit’s app, they can make a request for specific equipment. This request will be seen by those in charge of the app and other users. In-demand equipment can be used as and when it is required.

Thanks to the way that the app works, users can also see where the asset’s last-known location was. This means they don’t need to search for it as they may have had to in the past. They can log in to the system and note the asset’s last location. If they are next on the list to use the asset or no one else has requested it, the asset can be retrieved and used as needed. 

A checking in and out system can also be used for assets. This system works by asking people to state their name and the date they checked the assets out. They may also have the chance to note down how long they plan to have the assets for. This allows users to take more responsibility for the assets while ensuring the management team knows who has which assets.

Tracking Loaned Assets

itemit’s School Asset Manager App allows schools to track loaned assets. Whether the assets are loaned out to teachers, students, or anyone else they can be tracked. As soon as a user logs into the app, they can see the asset’s last-known location. They can also learn who has the asset, why they have it, and when they expect to return in. 

Teachers may need to borrow a school laptop, for example, so that they can plan lessons from home. Groups that hire out the school hall may need to borrow a projector so that they can enjoy a presentation. Every loaned asset can be via the use of an RFID or QR code. Assets can be checked out, tracked, used, and checked back in again. 

Should the asset be returned damaged, a message can be sent to the maintenance team via the app. Maintenance will then know the asset is damaged and potentially what is wrong with it. When they have this information, they can collect and repair the asset. As soon as the asset is repaired, it can be used again.

Better Purchasing Decisions

Better purchasing decisions can be made when itemit’s asset manager app is used. This is thanks to its ability to track all assets at all times. School management teams can understand how often assets are used and why they are used. With this knowledge, they can make better purchasing decisions. 

Additional assets can be purchased if it is clear that the current assets are in high demand. The school management team can also see that assets that are not in high demand or that the school has plenty of are sufficient. What this means is there less money can be spent on assets that are not required. The money can be diverted elsewhere, ensuring that students and teachers have exactly what they need. 

When schools have more control over spending, they’re more likely to be run more efficiently and effectively.

itemit’s School Asset Manager App

When using itemit’s School Asset Manager App, assets can be tracked with ease. Schools can see how many assets they have, where the assets are, and what condition they’re in. Contact itemit today at team@itemit.com for information about how the app can help your school. Alternatively, you could sign up for our 14-day Free Trial, so you can start using the app as soon as possible. 

Give your school and your students the chance to thrive. Use itemit’s School Asset Manager App every day and let it track and manage assets while you concentrate on teaching students.

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