itemit’s Most Useful Features for Tracking IT Assets

itemit’s Most Useful Features for Tracking IT Assets

Correct IT Asset Management is essential for every business. Being able to efficiently track all IT assets offers more than convenience. Crucially, the tracking of IT assets can help every business to run more efficiently. Itemit’s most useful features can positively impact every business in more ways than were perhaps thought possible.

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Track the Asset’s Location

With the ability to track an asset’s location, management can know where every IT asset is located at all times. The ambiguity surrounding location can be eradicated due to the use of the right asset management software. 

Managers and users of IT assets can access itemit’s software via a computer or tablet and locate assets at all times. With the touch of a button, it is possible to pinpoint where the assets are. This feature can prove to be exceptionally useful should an IT asset be misplaced. 

In addition to enabling users to find misplaced assets, the software can help to improve security. When assets are tracked all day, every day, they are less likely to be stolen. Businesses will, therefore, lose fewer assets as a result of theft.

Track the Asset’s Condition

Understanding the condition of one asset can be difficult enough. If a business has multiple assets, knowing each asset’s state of repair can be impossible. However, itemit has made the impossible possible by allowing users to issue a maintenance request when a problem arises. 

Users of the damaged asset can leave a note for the maintenance team about the cause of the issue. Knowing what could be wrong with an asset can help the maintenance team to get to the root of the problem earlier. Less time can be spent finding the cause of the problem meaning there’s more time to repair the damaged asset. 

When users can report an issue to the maintenance team the asset’s longevity is extended. A direct result of regular maintenance ensures that costs are lowered and fewer replacement assets need to be purchased.

Assign Assets to New Team Members

Should a new member join the team they can be assigned as many assets as they require. itemit’s IT Asset Management software allows users to assign assets as and when they are required. Being able to assign assets to new and current team members ensures everyone has the tools they need. 

Should someone leave the team, the assets they were using can be assigned to another person. Alternatively, the assets can be marked as “spare” or stored somewhere safe. Managers can track exactly where the spare assets are, and assign them as and when they are required.

Book IT Equipment in Advance

It is possible for users to book IT equipment in advance, should they wish to. Not every business has enough assets to assign to everyone. Thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, users can book IT equipment when the need arises. This allows much-needed equipment to become available at a specific time, ensuring that users know when tasks can be completed. 

Other potential users can see there is a waiting list for the asset and undertake other tasks while they wait for the IT equipment. Offering users the opportunity to organise their work allows for more efficient practices and better workplace communication.

Check IT Equipment in and Out

The right IT Asset Management software allows users to check IT equipment in and out. This ensures that management knows who has the equipment at all times. This feature also allows users to have more responsibility for the equipment as it is in their care. 

When equipment needs to be checked in and out it is less likely to go missing. Additionally, the equipment’s history can be traced should management need to determine who was the last person to use it.

Makes Useful Information Easy to Find

Using itemit’s IT Asset Management software makes finding useful information easy. Every single asset that a business owns is likely to have a warranty and insurance cover. Information such as this is often difficult to find, especially as it is often discarded. 

The right management software allows users to store useful information such as: 

  • Warranty information
  • The asset’s insurance details
  • Subscription details including cost and start/end date
  • The asset’s cost and current value
  • The asset’s estimated remaining life
  • The licence’s start date
  • The owner of the asset

When users have access to information such as this, it allows them to learn more about the asset in question. Management can learn about the value of their assets and whether purchasing new equipment is a viable option. With the ability to keep a close eye on assets, managers can better understand the value of their business. This in turn allows managers to understand where budgets can be better spent. 

There are many useful features associated with itemit’s IT asset management software. Users can gain a thorough understanding of their asset’s history, worth, condition, use, and much more. itemit’s IT Asset Management Software is easy to use and allows businesses everywhere to have more control over every asset they own.

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