How to Manage Your IT Assets with Ease

How to Manage Your IT Assets with Ease

In the digital era, more and more of an organisation’s value is tied up in its IT assets. From computer equipment to software licences, all these different components come together to support the smooth operation of the online workplace. As a result, it is increasingly important for organisations to look after their IT assets. Tracking and managing such a range of assets can pose logistical challenges when relying on manual processes and spreadsheets. IT asset management software offers a streamlined solution to this, with a centralised dashboard and far greater automation capabilities that can completely transform the way you do business.

What Is IT Asset Management?

IT asset management is the practice of monitoring, maintaining, procuring and decommissioning IT assets. An IT asset encompasses hardware, software and even data that a company or organisation values. With increasingly complex cloud technologies, licence-based and usage-based software, IT asset management can seem like an overwhelming mission. However, IT asset management software does the heavy lifting for you through automation and a streamlined workflow.

How Asset Management Software Can Help You

Most organisations know they need to track and manage their IT assets but not as many actually do it, often from fear of investing extra time and money into doing so. But IT asset tracking doesn’t have to be as complicated or resource-heavy as you might think. Getting started with IT asset management software can be broken down into three steps:

1. Create an asset inventory

IT asset management software starts with creating a detailed inventory of all IT assets. This enables easy identification and allows organisations to store all the information associated with an asset in a single, readily-accessible location.

2. Tracking

Use an IT asset management system to continuously monitor IT assets. Information collected for tracking each asset includes financial (asset costs), contractual (warranties, licences and service-level agreements) and inventory data (location and condition of physical assets).

3. Maintenance

With an IT asset management system you can log when updates, upgrades and repairs are due as well as when licences expire so you never risk asset downtime. This way, IT assets are maintained according to their lifecycle stage. All maintenance activities performed on an IT asset so that the data can be used to assess the performance of the asset.

Why You Should Use Asset Management Software to Track IT Assets

There are many reasons why you should use asset management software to track your IT assets. Here are just a few:

Track Licences

For many organisations, computer and software licences underpin their entire operations making these assets some of the most important to track and manage. But remembering when the updates are needed for the numerous different assets is a big burden even with the assistance of spreadsheets. IT asset management software does this for you. Input your licence details into the system and it will notify you when you need to take action. Never worry about expired licences again.  

Improve Lifecycle Management

IT assets have a finite period of use. Therefore, to get the most out of their IT assets, organisations need to proactively manage asset life cycles. This can be a difficult task given that not all assets behave or perform the same. It is important to understand the total cost and value of an asset across its lifespan as well as optimise its use.With IT asset management software you can stay informed about the behaviour of your assets, allowing you to make better and more well-informed decisions.

Increase Productivity

Modern workforces are increasingly relying on digital infrastructure to deliver products and services. Organisations need IT assets that are reliable and available to operate effectively and efficiently. IT asset management software allows organisations to gain more control, visibility, and assigned responsibility. As a result, teams can reduce asset downtime, overconsumption, and utilise their assets better. All of this contributes to increased productivity while avoiding unnecessary costs.

itemit’s IT Asset Management Software

It’s time to start managing your IT assets effectively. With IT asset management software you can maximise the value of your inventory, ensuring both the longevity and utility of your investments. Our cloud-based, user-friendly service is designed to be onboarded with minimal interference to your operations. Keeping an accurate track record of your IT assets’ performance will free up a lot of labour and headspace. With all that taken care of you can put your mind to the bigger picture. 

To find out more about how itemit’s IT asset management software can help you track your assets, you’ll be able to contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your own 14-day free trial.

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