How to Manage Your IT Assets Using itemit

How to Manage Your IT Assets Using itemit

In the modern world, IT assets are invaluable to almost any business. Keeping track of your IT assets helps you to protect your hard-earned investments. With itemit’s IT asset management software you can keep track of your assets throughout their entire life cycle, helping you to make more informed business decisions. Our IT asset management software is packed with helpful features to give you greater visibility and control.

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What is IT Asset Management Software?

IT asset management software is an all-encompassing, centralised system that allows your organisation to track important details about each asset in real time. IT asset management is specifically aimed at managing the lifecycles and total costs of IT equipment and infrastructure. Assets include all elements of software and hardware that are found in the business environment.

You can use IT asset management software to automate how you track and manage your IT assets. With all your assets’ information stored in a fixed register your business gains greater visibility and control over its IT assets. This information can be used to make smarter purchasing and asset utility decisions. Make sure your IT assets are in the right place at the right time with the right people.

How Does IT Asset Management Software Work?

IT asset management software works by communicating with asset tags that are physically attached to your IT equipment. These tags assign the asset a unique identification code that links to an online profile where all the information about the asset is kept, by doing this the digital profile is linked with its physical counterpart. All you have to do is scan the tag to complete the link.The various asset tags available offer different uses and benefits depending on the application but they all achieve the same outcome: identifying and communicating the location of your asset. 

You can add various information to the digital copies of the assets in the online register, such as who the assets are assigned to, where they are, and what state they’re in. So, instead of finding specific information within a spreadsheet, you’ll be able to open an asset’s profile to view all of the data you need to know about that asset. With recent advancements in asset tracking software, you can also access information on asset value, inventory management, maintenance planning, as well as real-time data on asset lifecycle management.

What Is An IT Asset?

An IT asset covers both hardware and software. Examples of hardware include PCs, network devices, data centres, and physical servers. Software IT assets cover both in-house developed software and off-the-shelf software where your business has purchased a licence to use it, but keep in mind that the licence and not the software is the asset in this case. 

IT environments are becoming increasingly broad and complex so it can be somewhat difficult to define exactly what an IT asset is and definition can even flex between different businesses. Today, more and more companies are considering data to be an IT asset.

itemit’s IT Asset Management Software Features

Know where your IT assets are all day, every day with itemit. Our IT asset management software is jam packed with features that can completely optimise your operations. Discover how it can make a difference to your business.

Track The Location of Your Devices

The most obvious but arguably the most beneficial feature of IT asset tracking software is that you can quickly see where your equipment and hardware is by checking its last-scanned location. This translates into a whole host of benefits, from greater security and visibility to extending the life of your assets.

With greater visibility of where your assets are and how they are behaving you can make more informed strategic decisions for your business. This will help you to manage your assets, make purchasing decisions  more effectively and ensure optimum utilisation.

Assign PCs and Devices to Staff

When you create an online asset profile, you can add various information to it, such as who the assets are assigned to, issues for maintenance and even user manuals. As a result, any time the asset is scanned you can see who is responsible for it, helping to ensure accountability and lowers the risk of theft or loss. Assigning assets is quick and easy with IT asset management software, making it ideal for use during the onboarding process since you can quickly assign assets to new staff members.

Manage Hardware Issues

With a large inventory, reporting and managing hardware issues can soon become very time-consuming when relying on spreadsheets. IT asset tracking software lets you manage inspection schedules and monitor the condition of your assets at a glance . You will be able to report and manage issues raised against unique pieces of kit. Our powerful reporting, filtering, and exporting capabilities will transform how you complete your daily tasks. 

IT asset management software enables you to optimise your inventory management. Good inventory management underpins the success of any business. The goal of inventory management is to have the right products in the right place at the right time. Another benefit of itemit’s IT asset management software is that you can use it as fixed asset tracking software simultaneously, ensuring you get the most accurate overview of what your business owns.

Book Equipment in Advance

You can use itemit’s IT asset tracking software as a booking interface and schedule equipment in advance. You can use itemit to log rentals to other users, companies, or anyone else for that matter! Overall, itemit asset tracking software creates a simple, effective, and transparent view of where your equipment is and how it’s behaving.

Quickly Add New Hardware

As you grow and scale your business, naturally you’re going to need to add new hardware to your asset inventory. The process couldn’t be simpler with itemit’s IT asset tracking software. Instead of needing to manually add new assets to an asset register you can use our image recognition technology to simply scan a new asset which will recognise the item and automatically add it to the database. Our range of additional features and tools that are designed to stop admin tasks snowballing.

On-the-go Asset Management

One of the best features of itemit’s asset management software is that it’s mobile! With the app and the web portal, you can track the movement of your assets without being tied to a desk. itemit provides a fast and accurate way to store and track your most valuable assets. 

The simplicity of the mobile app design allows you to quickly and easily pull your mobile device to update your assets at a moment’s notice.

Check-In and Out Your Equipment

With our tagging technologies you can ensure your assets are where they need to be and with the right people. When your team checks a piece of equipment in or out the asset manager is automatically notified. Plus, every time an asset is tracked, entered into the system, checked out, or repaired, data is collected. Less manual work means fewer errors, greater accuracy and speedier operations for your business. Using itemit’s IT asset tracking software ensures you know what is happening to them as they move around set and from site to site. Using itemit’s IT asset tracking software you can completely streamline your audit and daily operations.

The Benefits of IT Asset Management Software

Improved lifecycle management

With IT asset management software you can keep track of your assets through every stage of their life: from procurement and maintenance to depreciation and disposal. By managing and tracking your assets all in one place, you can see a timeline of your assets at a glance. 

Using our IT asset management software you can even schedule maintenance reminders. Set monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance schedules or use your own schedules ensuring all assets are looked after. IT asset tracking software can improve how you manage the lifecycle of your assets. Maintenance reminders can help to improve the longevity of assets. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of replacement asset procurement. As a result, you experience less costs and less time wasting, leaving money to be better spent on other parts of your business.

Reports and Analytics

Monitoring and tracking your assets will allow you to identify bottlenecks, make more informed decisions, improve your delivery and generate reports at the click of a button. With itemit you can view your entire asset register in one place and pull all the information together into customisable and exportable reports.

Automated Workflow

With IT asset tracking software,  you can track assets and their changes with automatic, periodic updates. Since all your system’s capabilities are located in one place you can completely optimise your workflow. You can create an automated schedule that reduces repair costs and reduces the impact of depreciation. You can see where your equipment and hardware was last scanned, manage inspection schedules and monitor asset conditions, and be notified when a software licence is about to expire. An automated workflow allows you to react to these issues as they happen, greatly saving you time and money.

Increase the Security of Your Assets

An up-to-date and accurate inventory will increase the security of your assets. IT asset management software allows you to identify the location of your assets across the supply chain, which can help to prevent loss, damage and theft. 

The scary thing about hardware security is without automated asset tracking, it’s hard to know if you have a problem. Protect your investment with itemit and ensure the integrity of your operation.

Reduce costs

IT assets are both costly to acquire and maintain and therefore correct asset management is critical to ensuring a business uses its money effectively.  Asset management software plays a critical role in helping businesses ensure efficient use of the organisation’s resources in supporting the needs of users and business functions.

itemit’s IT Asset Tracking Software

With a robust asset management system, you can review and monitor all types of IT assets within your business. Our IT asset management software will transform your operations and give you the security and efficiency you need to take your business to the next level. Make the best use of your assets with centralised information on all your software, hardware and licenses. Changing your mode of operation can be daunting but itemit mitigates the risks by blending in with your current environment. Our IT asset tracking software is scalable, transparent, and efficient. With a fully-equipped suite of helpful features, from equipment check-in and check-out functionality to bulk actions, you can seamlessly update and improve your current processes. And you’ll finally be able to move away from those dreaded spreadsheets. 

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