How To Manage Remote IT Assets In Your Workforce

How To Manage Remote IT Assets In Your Workforce

Managing remote IT assets can often be difficult. Sometimes you may have to hope that those who are using your IT assets can be trusted. 

Occasionally, you may come across a few issues with managing your IT assets. For example, you may find that some assets get lost and that some team members have the wrong assets. Don’t worry, itemit can help you with all of this. Thanks to the way that our IT inventory management software works, managing your remote assets has never been easier.

Prompt Communication

When IT assets are used remotely, ensuring prompt communication is key. However, when you use our IT inventory management software, you can clearly communicate with others within moments. 

Our software allows you to send messages, leave notes, create reminders, and even check assets in and out. All of this can be achieved at the touch of a button. 

We work hard to make sure that our inventory management software is very easy to use. We know that you don’t want to use software that takes a long time to load. This is why we have created a reliable way for you to communicate your needs within moments. This way, you can communicate what you need to communicate and move on to other important tasks.

Business Asset Tracking

Solve Issues Quickly

It’s inevitable that issues may arise from time to time. When your IT assets are being used remotely, raising such issues can become burdensome. However, when you use our IT inventory management software, issues can be raised quickly. 

Let’s imagine that one of your team members is using a tablet which has a battery-related issue. In the past, your maintenance team may only have been aware of the issue once the team member remembered to raise it. If the issue is never raised, the tablet may be out of action for a while, if not forever. 

Our software ensures that it’s very easy to raise an issue with the maintenance team. All that is required is for the team member to scan the QR code affixed to the tablet. The next step is for them to message the maintenance team who can prepare to repair the tablet. As a result, the tablet can be repaired much quicker.

Locate IT Assets Instantly

One of the most important issues as far as IT inventory management is concerned is the need to locate your IT assets. This is where itemit’s software can make a huge difference. Our software makes tracking all of your assets very easy. 

Should you wish to see where all of your laptops are, for example, you can locate them in an instant. Want to see where one of your tablets is? This can be achieved within moments. When you know where all of your remote IT assets are, they can be more secure. You’re a lot less likely to lose an asset due to theft or someone simply leaving an asset behind. 

Would you like to know whether a printer has been sent to the correct team member’s house? Log into our software and check. Within a short space of time, you will see the printer’s last-known location.

Allow For Smoother Asset Management

When you use our IT inventory management software, you allow for smoother asset management. itemit helps to take the hard work out of managing assets nearby and those that are being used remotely. 

Having control over all of your assets should not be difficult. In fact, with the right software, it can be a breeze. You can have much more control over your assets each time you log into itemit. Many business owners know this which is why more and more are signing up to itemit every week. 

Say “Goodbye” to using spreadsheets that may be full of human errors. Stop using devices that are hard to use or no longer work as well as they should. Let our software do all of the hard work for you. Simply log into our platform using your desktop computer, laptop, or your phone.

Use itemit’s IT Inventory Management Software To Your Advantage

Stop using ineffective asset management methods. Switch to itemit’s IT inventory management software today.  You can manage your remote IT assets better than ever, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks. As a result, your entire business could benefit from you using itemit. 

Talk to one of our asset tracking professionals now about how they can help you and your workforce. You can reach them at: Alternatively, you could always sign up for our 14-day free trial to make a start. Simply complete the form below and begin managing your remote IT assets, it really is that simple. We look forward to helping you to manage your remote IT assets with ease.

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