RFID Asset Tracking Explained

RFID Asset Tracking Explained

Here at itemit, we know that our customers want to use the latest technology to help them track their assets. This is where RFID asset tracking can come in and help. This technology allows businesses to have a much clearer view of their assets and how they’re being used. 

Let’s take a closer look at RFID tracking so you understand how it can help you.

What is RFID Asset Tracking?

RFID (or radio frequency identification) works as a means of communication. Similar to barcodes, RFID tags have both read and write capabilities. Typically found in a square-like shape, an RFID tag is capable of sharing the information that the code contains. 

When an RFID tag is attached to an asset it allows users to link each asset to a digital profile. Every digital profile can contain a wide range of information that can help with its tracking.

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Passive and Active RFID

All RFID tags that are active contain batteries, it’s these batteries that power the tag. Every powered RFID tag broadcasts a radio wave. While using a radio wave may seem quite useful, it can be quite expensive. Active RFID tags are considered to be very useful, however, when tracking high value assets. 

Passive RFID tags have a shorter or lower range than their active counterpart. Nevertheless, they are easier to run and much cheaper to manufacture. As a result, passive tags can be ideal for many types of asset tracking. Passive RFID tags do not contain a battery which means fewer things are likely to go wrong. Instead of relying on a battery, passive RFID tags rely on a power source that’s external. In other words, the power that they use will only ever be used when the tag in question is triggered. As a result, a lot less power is consumed. 

Additionally, passive RFID tags are usually much smaller than active RFID tags. As a result, attaching them to assets tends to be easier.

Fixed RFID Asset Tracking

Fixed RFID asset tracking tends to be very automated when users track the location of their assets. Assets that are fixed, such as machinery, for example, still need to be tracked even if they are never moved. There are many aspects that can be tracked such as: the current user, the maintenance record, warranty information, and much more. 

Our software allows users to track multiple aspects of each fixed asset. It does this thanks to the RFID tags. When users wish to find a piece of machinery in a factory, for example, they can simply log into itemit’s software. When a user accesses the software they can see which assets are within the RFID reader’s range. Should an asset not be within the range, the user will simply need to move to another location to see if the asset is nearby. 

This feature can prove to be wholly useful when a piece of machinery needs to be found and repaired. Users will not need to walk around the entire site in the hope of finding the machinery. Rather, they can log into the RFID asset tracking software and locate it with ease.

RFID Asset Tracking and GPS Technology

When users wish to move assets to another location, GPS technology can be used in addition to RFID tags. Our software will intermittently notify users with details of the asset’s location. As a result, it can be relatively easy to track assets that are on the move or at another site. This technology helps to ensure that it’s much easier to account for all assets, large and small. 

More and more people are not discovering just how useful RFID tracking combined with GPS technology is. You too can find out how useful it is and how it can greatly help your business.

Use itemit’s RFID Asset Tracking Software To Your Advantage

itemit can help you to make the most of RFID tags and the tags tracking capabilities. It is possible for you to combine both RFID technology and GPS technology to track your assets. As a result, you could have a power tracking system in the palm of your hand. 

Our team is here to help you make the most of asset tracking. We understand that your business needs to use reliable software that works well. This is where we can come in and help you. We have a team of RFID tracking professionals who can help you to make the most out of asset tracking. Talk to our team today at: team@itemit.com to discover just how well our software can help you. 

Alternatively, you could sign up for our 14-day free trial so you can immediately see how easy it is to use RFID tracking to your advantage. All you need to do is to fill in the form below to make a start.

RFID Asset Tracking

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