How GPS Tracking Tags Improve Your Asset Tracking

How GPS Tracking Tags Improve Your Asset Tracking

Asset tracking software is reaching a new age. Only a few years ago, spreadsheets were the main method of logging and tracking assets. This creates a lot of gaps, including the fact that any audits would have to be undertaken on-site, with updates to a fixed asset spreadsheet occurring later.

Then, asset tracking software was created. With the cloud, it became possible to log any changes from onsite. What this means is that it became possible to edit asset data with the assets physically in front of you and for this update to be reflected across all of your asset management systems.

Since then, the technologies you can use alongside asset tracking software have also improved, and their integrations into asset tracking have also become quicker and simpler.

GPS tracking tags are in their infancy, meaning it’s a very exciting time to implement them and get ahead of the technology.

All You Need To Know About GPS and Barcode Asset Tracking

How Does GPS Asset Tracking Work?

GPS asset tracking works the same way as conventional asset tracking, only with more automation. You will still log unique assets onto a digital register and add data against these assets.

So, for example, if you’re looking for fleet asset management, you’ll be able to log each of your vehicles and add unique information against these profiles. This may be the driver the vehicle is assigned to and the licence plate.

Then, you’ll be able to tag your tools, vehicles and equipment with QR codes or barcode asset tags to speed up your operations. The benefit of QR codes and barcodes is that every time you scan a tag, the asset’s profile will open, ready for instant edits.

The difference is that with QR codes and barcodes when you scan the last seen location will update. With GPS tracking tags, however, your assets’ locations will update automatically.

How GPS Tracking Tags Work

you’ll be able to log this as an asset. Then, you’ll be able to stick on a GPS tracking tag and link this to your asset tracking software.

Then, your GPS tracking tags will periodically update. This can be configured, but GPS asset tags need to be charged, so the more frequent the updates, the shorter the battery life.

If you’re tracking your fleet, you’ll be able to plug your GPS tracking tags into your vehicles’ ashtrays, meaning that real-time updates are a possibility. However, with other assets, you can set the updates to be more spread apart, increasing the longevity of the battery life, but still giving you the location data you need.

Additional functionality with GPS tags will include geofencing, meaning that if your assets leave a location, you will be notified of this. Having GPS trackers allows you to make asset retrieval a possibility when assets leave your site, giving you more location accountability over your asset register.

The Future Of GPS Asset Management

It is an exciting time for GPS asset management. Currently, most GPS tags are bulky to allow for a long battery life, meaning that their best use-cases are for fleet asset management or to track deliveries.

However, the developments in the hardware are clear. Soon, they will have a longer battery life and will be smaller. So, while the technology doesn’t currently allow for GPS tracking when it comes to IT asset management or tools and equipment tracking, this will be possible in the future.

The idea behind GPS tracking tags is that you’re able to monitor asset locations when you’d otherwise lose accountability over your assets. For this reason, they’re fit for purpose in an asset tracking context, but the developments and improvements in the hardware itself will pave the way for more accountability, more transparency, and more control over your assets.

itemit’s asset tracking software allows you to use GPS trackers in tandem with RFID asset tracking systems and barcodes & QR codes. This means that with the itemit system, you will get the highest level of accountability possible on the market.

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