How Can Those in The Healthcare Industry Benefit From Asset Tracking

How Can Those in The Healthcare Industry Benefit From Asset Tracking

Healthcare in the UK has been labouring under significant financial and operational pressures in the last few years. Not least as the NHS has been dealing with an unprecedented influx of patients related to the pandemic. Of course, the difficulties are not limited to NHS hospitals. Many support services, community care organisations and private providers have all felt the strain.

When we talk about healthcare services, we are actually talking about a vastly complex network of interacting services and providers. So, the work carried out in healthcare is heavily reliant on a huge amount of specialised equipment. Poor management of assets has a negative financial knock-on effect and, like any ineffective admin, will ultimately lead to a reduced level of service. 

Streamlining asset tracking in healthcare has never been more pertinent.

Asset Tracking Software in Healthcare- Main

Healthcare Asset Tracking

Truly effective asset tracking was once only available to organisations with deep pockets and only justifiable if a network of assets was large and complex. As time has gone on, the cost of asset tracking has come down so that even SMEs are able to take advantage of the most state-of-the-art systems available.

That’s great news for healthcare providers, who are often working to tight budgets. 

Before talking about the opportunity available by deploying asset tracking software in healthcare settings, let’s look at exactly what modern asset tracking is…

Asset tracking is an activity that relies on a network of trackers that communicate with a central database. This database, along with a range of other helpful tools and features, is accessible via a desktop or mobile application.

For healthcare organisations, asset tracking can make a dramatic difference. Perhaps more so than a lot of businesses that would not be without proper asset tracking. This is because healthcare professionals rely on a lot of specialised, expensive equipment. Furthermore, this equipment might need to go out into the community or move between hospitals. So, ensuring that these assets are looked after properly, not lost and generally well accounted for- can save a lot of headache.

Asset Tracking in Hospital Setting

Asset Tracking Software in Healthcare- Main

Every NHS hospital, and a lot of private hospitals, are extremely busy. Equipment has to be moved around all the time and put to hard use.

One of the key ways that asset tracking software helps in a hospital setting is through a maintenance schedule. With a fit-for-purpose software, you can automate this process. A notification can be sent to the relevant department when an item needs to be serviced. This extends the lifetime of equipment and prevents needless costs mounting.

In a hospital setting, fixed RFID tracking can be used to see where all equipment is at any time and who is using it. This works by installing scanners at strategic points which pick up a signal if a tag passes their position. Effectively, it is possible to set up zones and see what equipment is in what zone at any given time.This makes it nigh on impossible to lose equipment and allows administrators more insight and control.. 

How Does Healthcare Asset Tracking Work

You have already gotten a basic sense of how asset tracking software can work in healthcare. However, it may be useful to get a deeper understanding of the actual technology involved.

Tagging and tracking are crucial and there are three key technologies that make this possible: QR codes, RFID tags and GPS.

RFID Tracking

  • RFID (radio frequency identification) works through radio signals. An RFID tag is added to a piece of equipment so that its location and other key information can be tracked and updated. 

QR Tracking

  • QR codes require a manual scan to update the central database. They are black and white square codes that hold either dynamic or static information. So, data that is either fixed or rewritable. This makes them ideal for checking in and checking out specialist equipment, for example Holter monitors.

GPS Tracking

  • This tracking method is pretty self explanatory as we now all rely on GPS for our SatNavs and travel apps. In a healthcare setting, they are particularly useful for if you are working in the community, as they can increase the amount of visits you can manage in a day.
Asset Tracking Software in Healthcare- Main

Track Healthcare Assets With itemit

Itemit provides complete asset tracking software for the healthcare sector. Through itemit, you gain access to all the healthcare asset tracking features that you need to effectively manage and track all the tools, equipment and vehicles required to deliver your services.

As a healthcare provider, you have a duty of care to your service users and a need to put in processes that limit mistakes and protect you from litigation. Inevitably, in recent years, it has become increasingly necessary to rely on software solutions to keep accurate and effective records. These systems are indispensable and make it possible for multiple services to share data on care plans and the like.

Of course, when investing in asset tracking software, you need to ensure that there is a potential to integrate seamlessly with your current digital infrastructure and processes. Tech solutions should make life easier, not harder!

Part of the consultation process with itemit involves understanding your current processes. The goal is to find out how to add the maximum value and a huge part of that is ensuring that the solution integrates with your systems. 

itemit have completed a lot of successful deployments both within healthcare and elsewhere. So, you will not go into this blind. We will be able to advise you on the fastest, most cost-effective way forward.

If you are using spreadsheets or paper records to track and manage your assets, then a complete healthcare asset tracking software solution will undoubtedly save you time and money.

Book a demo today to see all itemit’s features in action. To find out more details, you can always contact our team at

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