How To Use Hospital Asset Tracking Software

How To Use Hospital Asset Tracking Software

In the busy environment of a hospital, it’s almost impossible to manage, keep track of and maintain assets. However, a healthcare environment is where maintenance makes all the difference as pre-emptive maintenance helps with the consistent running of a hospital.

Therefore, you need a system that is adaptable, speedy and fluid to keep track of your assets. A return on investment on speed alone is a great return in a hospital, but asset tracking software gives you more, saving you time and money.

But, how do you use hospital asset tracking software?

Using Asset Tracking Software For Healthcare

What Is Hospital Asset Tracking Software?

Hospital asset tracking software is a system where you can log, track and monitor your asset data. Essentially, you can log each of your assets as a unique profile and add information to this.

In other words, each of your assets will have a digital version. This is commonly used for IT asset management with laptops, for example, and fixed assets with furniture.

This can be applied to any assets, including healthcare assets. All assets are unique and, therefore, have data you can add to them and monitor. This can be anything from pricing information to maintenance reminders.

Logging And tracking Your Healthcare Assets

The critical part of using hospital asset tracking software is logging. When you log your assets, you automatically create a healthcare asset register.

The great thing about hospital asset tracking software is that each of your assets gets a unique profile. Then, you can populate this profile with data and information about your assets.

In terms of a spreadsheet, the assets themselves are a row and the data is columns. So, maintenance dates are one column where the kit is row by row.

Therefore, when you add asset data to each of your asset profiles the data is populated within your healthcare asset register, too, in a streamlined reporting page that you can then export into a spreadsheet for tax and insurance audits.

Fixed RFID Asset Management

You can track things like costs, maintenance reminders and asset issues within an asset’s profile. This gives you an instant return on investment as it streamlines existing operations.

You’ll also need to know where your assets are at a given moment. This is where fixed RFID asset management comes in. Fixed RFID asset management gives you a quick, streamlined way of tracking your assets.

The way fixed RFID asset tracking systems work is by detecting whenever assets move in, out, or within a location. In other words, if an asset moves from ward one to ward two, your fixed RFID hardware will detect this.

Hospitals are using fixed RFID asset management for speed benefits, but it also has the benefit of automatic, hands-free audits that don’t disturb patients. The possibilities here are endless, here, as you can configure your RFID usage for streamlined, automated asset management and tracking.

itemit’s Healthcare Asset Management Software

itemit’s healthcare asset tracking is unique. With itemit, you can track and manage any asset and use a variety of tracking technologies to maintain the highest level of accountability possible.

With itemit, you can mix and match QR codes, barcodes, RFID tags, and more! This means that you get speed, accountability and transparency where you never would have before.

itemit lets you have more speed and control without sacrificing accuracy, too. With a spreadsheet, you have more gaps and less speed, so you end up with a negative return on investment. itemit lets you do more.

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