The Future of Our Asset Management Software UK

UK asset management software has grown incredibly in the past few years, and itemit is no different. We’re excited to be on a journey towards more automation and more ways to save time and money by improving the way you manage your assets.

Currently, UK asset management software can improve your operations and help you deliver projects on time and under budget. There is still manual interaction, however. For example, you may still need to scan QR code asset tags every time an asset moves or changes in status.

There aren’t any off-the-shelf solutions, yet, that integrate the automation we’re aiming for. Our goal is to make asset management quick and simple, without much needed from a user-end. 


Where Asset Management Software UK is Now

UK asset management software is currently fit for market. Our software has a suite of features that can assist with reducing operating costs and increase the control you have over your assets.

Right now, you can:

  • Track asset location with QR code asset tags and RFID labels
  • Track asset location with GPS
  • Manage and create issues
  • Create reminders for routine maintenance
  • Run customised reports
  • Book assets and check them in and out
  • Assign equipment to your colleagues
  • And more!

However, as markets grow, so too do the requirements markets have. We’re always listening to the needs of our clients, which is why itemit is effective for fixed asset tracking, IT asset management, construction equipment tracking, and more.

These needs will change with further moves in the digital world, and so we aim to be ahead of the curve with more automation and more shareability.


Asset Management Software UK Future


More Automation for Asset Tracking

Our UK asset management software is getting faster, more streamlined, and more effective. We’re always aiming to keep the itemit software easy-to-use and pride ourselves on the simplicity of the system.

Therefore, the next steps we’ll be taking will improve automation off-the-shelf with unprecedented developments.


Fixed RFID Tracking

Something that has never been done before is affordable, off-the-shelf fixed RFID tracking. Even now, we’re developing the ability to integrate fixed RFID readers into itemit.

Fixed RFID and RFID tagging allows for an incredible amount of automation. As your assets move, the antennas in fixed RFID readers can register which direction your equipment is moving in.

Ultimately, what this means is that you can log asset movement with no interaction with the system necessary, any movements will be recorded automatically.

Read our blog about active and passive RFID tags to find out more, or contact us below to find out if RFID is right for you.

Unlocked GPS Tagging

Recently we rolled out our GPS tracking features, and we’re looking to scale this up and automate further.

Currently, you’ll be able to scan any unique barcode or QR code in itemit and use it for last seen location tracking and for any speedy asset changes.

What if this was applied to GPS tagging, we thought. If you already own GPS tags, we plan on unlocking the usage of GPS asset tracking further, giving you the ability to integrate your own tags, your own QRs, and your own barcodes in the system.

Unlocking tagging has already minimised the amount of time before you’ll be up and running and tracking your assets. So, the ability to do this with GPS tagging means all you’ll need to do is download our UK asset management software and have an almost instant, full view of where your assets are.

More Shareability for Asset Management Software UK

A job shared is a job halved. What if you could share this job with all of your colleagues?

itemit has already been integrated with a variety of sharing features. You can add an unlimited amount of users, which is why we introduced our unlimited-user pricing packages. These users can then interact with assets, and you can set their permissions so that they can’t edit or view sensitive asset information.

We also introduced our public profiles feature, which is the future of facilities management. Anyone can scan a QR code and report an issue, thereby interacting with an asset without the app.

Tracking maintenance with public profiles

We’re looking to expand both of these features, with even more control over sharing permissions and the ability to create a wider pool of colleagues.

We also want to expand our public profiles feature for more possible interactions with assets, as well as giving you the ability to customise what you show to the public.

itemit is very excited to help form this new world of automation and shareability with developments in our UK asset management software. To share this journey with us, you can contact us here or fill in the form below to start your free trial.

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