Developments in Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

The construction industry is growing. To match the costs of scaling and to keep your construction company growing and bringing in enough money, you’ll need to use construction equipment maintenance software to ensure you’re able to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Using construction equipment maintenance software allows you to focus on improvements for your business. These improvements assist with scalability as they give you the ability to monitor your operating costs. You can keep your assets running well and running cheaply, and minimise asset downtime as much as possible with state-of-the-art technology.


construction equipment maintenance software


Construction Equipment Maintenance Management

There are two types of maintenance construction equipment tracking software can help you monitor. Routine maintenance, including preventative measures, and reactive maintenance. 

Your construction equipment maintenance software will help you track reactive maintenance with issues management software, and monitor preventative maintenance with reminders. Monitoring both gives you a full audit trail of asset maintenance, allowing you to get the most out of your assets.

Even small amounts of asset downtime can have widespread results, which makes preventative maintenance necessary to ensure your equipment is running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is maintenance undertaken to ensure assets don’t require downtime. Calibrations and PAT tests can improve your asset health and keep equipment usable and effective.

Construction equipment maintenance software has developed to allow you to schedule preventative maintenance and minimise downtime.

First of all, you’ll be able to set reminders which notify you when maintenance is required. But you’ll also be able to book equipment in advance to schedule your maintenance and show your colleagues equipment will be unavailable.

A suite of construction equipment maintenance features simplifies your operations, saving you time on undertaking maintenance, and saving you money by reducing asset downtime. 

Using Reminders For Your Asset Tracking

Reactive Maintenance

Sometimes, however, things still go wrong and break. When this happens, you’ll want the peace of mind that maintenance is a fast and well-managed process. Reactive maintenance is still a necessary part of equipment tracking, and so developments in construction equipment maintenance tracking software have made maintenance simpler.

With construction equipment maintenance software, you’ll be able to report issues against an asset. What this means is that it’s visible which asset requires maintenance at a glance, as well as how severe the maintenance required is.

You can add attachments to the issues you report, which speeds up maintenance further, as you’ll be able to attach an image of where the damage is, further minimising asset downtime.

Machine learning has been integrated with construction equipment maintenance, meaning the severity of an issue can be automatically assigned thanks to a smart AI bot. Knowing how severe certain issues are allows your maintenance teams to plan maintenance more effectively and minimise the time and money they spend on fixing assets.

issues management software

All maintenance logged, whether preventative or reactive, will form a part of your assets’ history. This allows you to run reports on which assets have required maintenance and how much, to view whether it’s more economical to replace an asset.

Track Depreciation and Profitability with Equipment Tracking

Depreciation and profitability are necessary in asset lifecycle management (ALM). From the moment an asset is purchased, you’ll need to track how it’s being used, how much money it’s making, what it’s worth, and how much it costs to operate.

Knowing data on depreciation and profitability gives you a much clearer view of your operating costs and your finances, meaning  you’ll be able to make better business-focused decisions. Construction equipment maintenance software has been developed to allow you to track asset finances, to give you this clear view.

Construction equipment maintenance software updates in real-time, meaning any changes to your finances are instantly recorded. You’ll be able to log any financial information against your assets, including by attaching invoices against asset profiles.

Using reporting, you’ll be able to view how long contractors have interacted with assets, simplifying your invoicing process. 

You’ll also be able to log purchase prices and track depreciation with your equipment tracking software. 

Overall, this keeps the finances and outgoings related to your equipment visible and manageable, allowing you to make clearer business-centred decisions.

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Keep Workers Safe with PPE Tracking Software

Worker safety is also crucial. Using construction equipment maintenance software, you’ll be able to log your PPE on the system and track inspections.

Knowing when preventative maintenance has been undertaken and when inspections have occurred gives you the peace of mind that all of your equipment is compliant.

You’ll also be able to log quantities of PPE and assign PPE to your colleagues, meaning you’ll always know that you have enough and that your PPE is usable and effective.

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