Asset Management Software for UK Construction Companies

Cloud-based systems are the future of equipment asset management. They allow you to see real-time information and access data at any time and from anywhere in the world. A cloud-based equipment asset management system gives you complete visibility and control over how assets are being used, where they are and who has them.

Cloud-based equipment management software allows you and your colleagues to:

  • Update asset changes, such as maintenance and bookings, in real-time and on-the-go
  • See any asset changes instantly
  • Access your software from anywhere at any time


The Best Equipment Asset Management Software

The best equipment asset management software saves you time and money in a few ways. 

You’ll be able to increase your operational speed by finding required assets faster. Location tracking allows you to see where assets are and have been, ensuring there are no gaps in your asset register. 

Equipment asset management software allows you to track and edit anything related to your assets. So, you’ll be able to track asset value with depreciation features, for example, as well as track maintenance to see when assets are no longer economical to repair.

Here are a few things your equipment asset management software will be able to do: 


Manage Your IT Hardware

You can use cloud-based equipment asset management software for IT asset management

If you’re onboarding, or if you’re working remotely, you’ll be able to assign hardware to your colleagues to see who is in control of what, and who needs to be contacted if maintenance is required.

You can also track the condition of IT assets. Whether this is reactive maintenance or tracking PAT tests, cloud-based equipment management software gives you a full audit trail of how assets behave.


equipment asset management software and ITAM


Record and Monitor Your Fixed Assets

Using QR code asset tags, cloud-based equipment management software allows you to track asset location and manage fixed assets more effectively.

Whenever the status of a fixed asset changes, whether this is location or condition, all you need to do is scan the asset’s tag to find the asset in your system and update the change.

All of these updates are reflected in your fixed asset register, which updates in real-time.
You’ll also be able to do this with RFID asset labels. RFID creates more automation, as you’ll be able to audit assets from greater distances.

It’s possible to combine these with GPS asset tracking to gain full visibility of where your assets are, and where they’ve been, at a given moment.


Track Maintenance of your Tools and Heavy Equipment

Equipment asset management software also allows you to track equipment maintenance.

There’s a couple of ways this can be done. With a bespoke issues management system, anyone will be able to report issues against your assets for your maintenance team to resolve.

Tracking maintenance with public profiles

You can also set reminders for maintenance. So, if you have regular PAT testing or calibrations, you’ll be able to log this in the system and get a notification when the maintenance is required.


Book and Check Out Assets and Equipment

If you can book out assets, you can improve your operations by gaining more transparency over where assets are and who’s using them.

You’ll be able to check assets out to contractors or to companies you’re renting to, as well as book them for maintenance and to your colleagues.

Without the ability to double-book equipment, it’s clear to everyone which assets are available and which aren’t, which translates to more efficiency and more money saved.


Run Real-Time, Customisable Reports

Every time an asset changes in your cloud-based equipment asset management software, this data is collected and updated everywhere in real-time.

So, you’ll be able to bring all of the above together by running customisable reports and collecting usable data.

For example, you’ll be able to set a report for construction equipment tracking, to see which of your tools are accounted for and which haven’t been seen in a while. 

You’ll be able to use this data to make effective, business-focused decisions.

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