Key Features to Look for in Fixed Asset Inventory Software

Fixed asset inventory software gives you more flexibility and control over your assets. With fixed asset inventory software, you’ll be able to log assets, log and view changes against these assets, and create a full audit trail.

This way, fixed asset inventory software saves your business time and money by improving your operational speed and efficiency.

If you’re looking to improve your operations, there are a few key features to look for in fixed asset inventory software.


Fixed asset Tagging

Fixed asset taggings speeds up the ability to log asset changes. If you tag an asset with a QR code, you’ll be able to scan the tag in your asset tracking app, then the asset’s digital profile will appear.

This way, you don’t need to search your fixed asset register to log any changes. All you need to do is scan the asset’s tag, then log any comments, maintenance, bookings, or other changes an asset could go through.

As QR codes are unique, any of your colleagues will be able to retrieve asset profiles this way. If you’re using software for construction equipment asset tracking, for example, you’ll also be able to choose between anodised aluminium QR code asset tags, and sticker tags. This way, you can ensure you have durable tags that’ll stay on your assets.


QR code asset tags


Bespoke Location Tracking Features

Every time a fixed asset tag is scanned, the last seen location of the linked asset also updates. With this, you’ll be able to create a record of where your assets have been and run reports on last seen locations.

With great fixed asset inventory software, you’ll also be able to create and customise locations. So, you’ll be able to create location hierarchies to see specifically where assets are.

If your assets move between rooms frequently but infrequently move between sites, you’ll be able to create a hierarchy and log any changes between rooms, then view these changes in your reports.

locations and asset tracking software

Equipment Checkout Software

Bookings and check in check out software can help you monitor who is using which assets, and for how long. 

You’ll be able to log equipment as checked out to anyone, whether this is a colleague or a company you’re renting equipment to. You’ll even be able to use equipment bookings functionality to mark when assets are undergoing maintenance.

Knowing when assets will be unavailable, or when they’ll be undergoing maintenance helps improve your operations and speed up your work processes.

bookings and check in check out

Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance is also crucial to track, and you’ll be able to do this using fixed asset inventory software.

The ability to log issues against a specific asset speeds up maintenance, as it removes the time it takes to find an asset on a register, mark it as damaged, and pass this on. Every time an issue is logged, it’s also possible to add attachments, such as images of the damage.

Bespoke issues management makes it easy to see which assets are damaged and how to better plan for reactive maintenance.

You’ll also be able to use reminders for routine maintenance. You can set up these reminders so that you’ll get a notification on your phone, and so that when you open your fixed asset inventory software, you’ll be able to view how many reminders require attention.


Other Fixed Asset Inventory Software Features

The features above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effective fixed asset inventory tracking. It’s necessary, for example, to be able to monitor any of the above changes in reports. It’s also necessary to be able to export these reports into excel files or as pdfs to create a fully transparent audit trail.

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