The Future Of IT Asset Management

The Future Of IT Asset Management

We all tend to rely on a range of technology to help us get through the day, both at home and work. When it comes to using technology in the workplace, you may have found that things have changed in recent years. We now no longer rely on spreadsheets and large handheld scanners to tell us what’s happening. These days, we rely on tablets and IT asset inventory management software to help us keep customers happy and meet important deadlines. 

But exactly what does the future hold for us in terms of IT assets and their management? Can we have more control over them or will we always hope that a solution will arrive some day? Before we take a look at this subject, let’s have a close look at some existing technologies and how they impact our working lives.

GPS Technology

Most of us are familiar with GPS technology in some way. You may, for example, use it to help you see where the van that’s delivering your parcel is. Drivers of many vehicles use GPS rather than paper maps to help them get to where they need to be. 

GPS technology is also used in IT asset inventory management so that businesses can locate and control their IT-related assets. Using GPS this way also helps to increase security as businesses can see where their assets are all of the time.

Business Asset Tracking

RFID Tracking

RFID tracking is making its way into the world of asset tracking. Radio Frequency Identification makes tracking all types of assets very easy. While RFID tracking works in a similar way to GPS technology, there are some differences. The big difference is that those small RFID tags that don’t look very special can actually contain a lot of information. For example, you could use the technology as part of your IT asset inventory management. It can help you to see who is using a computer, who used a tablet yesterday, and where you purchased your modem from. RFID tracking can be even more convenient than GPS-related technology as you can scan the RFID tag without even being able to see it.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of IT Asset Management

There’s no doubt about it, artificial intelligence has made its way into our lives, whether we wanted it to or not. However, it has not yet managed to be as intelligent as experts once feared. This has not stopped many businesses from using AI to their advantage. This technology could help businesses choose where to place their IT assets. It could help you to locate your computer within moments, and it could even create and manage orders for you. Finally, there’s a real chance that this technology could take IT asset inventory management to a new level. For example, it could make data creation and reporting a breeze. Security could be enhanced so that only those who have permission to use specific assets can use them. 

It’s possible that AI could help you to deal with and track all of your assets while you complete other tasks. What this potentially means is that your business, and any business could become more productive. 

We still have to wait for AI to develop and learn before it’s trusted to run our businesses for us. However, the technology is not quite there yet. What this means is that in the meantime we’ll have to use alternative technology (Such as RFID tags, for example) to help us with inventory management. You never know, RFID could pair with AI to make inventory management even better and even easier than we can imagine.

Augmented Reality And The Future Of IT Asset Management

Augmented reality seemed to burst onto the scene and promise us something of an alternative reality. However, it has yet to change everyone’s lives in the way that it was once thought. This does not mean that we should disregard augmented reality (AR) altogether. There’s the possibility that this technology could still make its way into the workplace. It could help you to find the assets that you’ve misplaced. You could learn how to repair a machine or identify which parts need to be ordered. Time will tell whether AR will be as big as we thought it would be. Perhaps it will slowly but surely make its way into the workplace.

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What Does The Future Hold?

It’s not yet clear what the future of businesses and IT asset inventory management will hold. What we do know is that technology continues to develop and evolve. A direct result of this may be that we find it much easier than ever before to control our assets. The future could offer us so much and it makes sense to use technology that is considered futuristic. Technology such as this is just a stepping stone and a glimpse into what could be available to us very soon.

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