How Facilities Management Can Be Made Easier By Using Asset Tracking Software

How Facilities Management Can Be Made Easier By Using Asset Tracking Software

Facilities management involves taking care of buildings and the grounds that surround them. It can also involve taking care of any tools and equipment that are used as part of the job. If this was not enough, some facilities managers also need to take care of the inner workings of buildings. The electrical system and plumbing are an example of this. There may also be the need to deal with catering, security, and cleaning, etc.

All of the above is a lot of work. Therefore, it makes sense to use some type of asset tracking tool to ensure tasks are completed. Here is where asset tracking software can help. It can ensure that assets are tracked and many different tasks are completed. 

Let’s take a look at just how using this type of software can make managing facilities so much easier.

How Tracking Software Can Make Life Easier

Tracking software can make life a lot easier as it’s possible to see where every tool is. It’s also possible to see who’s using the tool and even when they checked them out. Did you know that you could also assign tools to specific people? This can ensure that only the right people use specific tools and machinery, etc. 

The ability to see where your tools are can help to add a tighter level of security. You can see whether the tools have been taken off the grounds or whether they’re in the store room. Depending on the asset tracking you choose, you could also see where everything is all day, every day. Additionally, as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can see where your tools, etc are, wherever you are. You could be at home or in the office, on the train or at the park. As a result, you don’t have to worry quite as much about those important tools and that vital equipment.

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Tracking The Status Of Your Grounds

A major part of facilities management involves taking care of the grounds. This is where using modern and reliable asset tracking can prove to be a great help. You can potentially see what tasks have been completed and which tasks still need to be done. You could see when the fields need to be mown and the trees need to be cut back. 

Those who deal with the grounds surrounding facilities usually have a lot of different tasks to complete. However, when tracking software is used, it can make completing everything a breeze. You could, for example, set up a list of daily tasks to be checked off. You could send messages to team members and tell them what you’d like them to do today. You can track the status of your grounds so you know what condition they’re in without actually being there.

Ensuring Maintenance Schedules Are Adhered To

From time to time, equipment and tools need to be maintained. Consequently, it makes sense to have a maintenance list to hand that helps with this. Asset tracking software can be the solution you need. It can make facilities management easier by allowing you to set up maintenance schedules for your tools and equipment. You could even set up schedules to check out the plumbing and electricity. 

Setting up reminders is usually quite easy. As long as the reminders are responded to, schedules can be adhered to. A result of this means that you have tools and equipment that last longer. Issues with plumbing and electrical systems are discovered and dealt with quickly. Consequently, you could spend less time repairing and replacing broken equipment, etc. The money you would have otherwise spent can be used elsewhere to ensure your facilities are in better condition. 

The Benefits Of Tracking Facilities Digitally

There are many benefits associated with tracking your facilities digitally. You can track every single tool that you use, every electrical and plumbing system. You can keep an eye on the heating and ventilation, and so much more.  

  • You can always see where your tools are
  • There’s an extra layer of security when everything is tracked 
  • Asset tracking is usually very easy to use
  • You know when your machinery needs to be maintained 
  • It’s possible to save a lot of time on a range of tasks 
  • Communication with other team members is usually easy via the tracking software
  • You can see who is using your tools and equipment
  • Exporting and then printing off reports based on a lot of data is possible 

Using tracking software to help you run and manage facilities just makes life a little easier. It can help to bring peace of mind while allowing you and your team to concentrate on important tasks.


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