Why Asset Tracking is a Must For Saving Money

Why Asset Tracking is a Must For Saving Money

Here at itemit, we understand the importance of asset tracking software. Additionally, we’re aware of all the benefits that this software can bring. However, those who are unfamiliar with asset tracking may not understand that this software can help users to save money.

How A Fixed Asset Register Saves Your Business Time And Money

Eliminates Ghost Assets and Inaccuracies

The right asset tracking software helps to eliminate ghost assets. These are assets that have been stolen, lost, or damaged. Assets such as these may still be recorded in an inventory. This ultimately means that businesses will not have as many assets as they believe. 

Ghost assets could be costing businesses money. They may still be paying insurance and tax on the assets, even though they’re not being used. However, when tracking software is used, inaccuracies are minimised, as are ghost assets. 

When assets are tracked using a QR tag, users can trace where they last were. By simply logging in to itemit’s software, users can see the asset’s last-known location. Should an asset be misplaced, it can easily be found. Should an asset become damaged, users can report the damage to the maintenance team who can repair it. As soon as the asset is repaired, it could be ready for use once more.

Monitors Asset Lifecycle

The entire lifecycle of an asset can be tracked with ease. Upon procurement of assets, each asset’s details can be entered into itemit’s software. Users can then monitor the asset’s lifestyle by seeing how often it is used, who uses the asset, its condition, how well the asset is performing, and much more. 

Users can have data that shows how often parts are replaced and how many times the asset needs servicing. Additionally, users can closely monitor an asset’s devaluation, so it’s clear when assets need to be replaced.

Can Be Accessed On The Go

itemit’s asset tracking software can be accessed on the go. Users do not need to be in an office or sitting in front of a computer. Rather, they can access the tracking software via an app. The app in question can be downloaded onto a mobile phone or tablet. This helps to make tracking so much easier, and more convenient. 

As long as the assets in question have a QR tag attached, the data can be accessed. Users simply need to log in to the software and select the assets they wish to track. Within moments, it is possible for users to see where assets are located and so much more. 

There is no need for a user to be sitting in their office. As long as they have access to the internet, they can access their asset list via the web or itemit’s handy app! This means that asset tracking is easier than ever before.

Increases Productivity

It’s not uncommon for employees to look for assets. They may move between offices or even sites to find the assets that they need. During this time, they are not undertaking a task. Rather, they are spending and potentially even wasting time looking for assets. 

When asset tracking software is used, there is little to no need to search for an asset. The asset in question can be tracked within sections. Employees can see where the asset they need is, and retrieve it quickly. This helps to increase productivity and helps to prevent wasted time. 

Employees can now undertake tasks much quicker which can only be good for the business. 

Improves Traceability

The right asset tracking software ensures that assets can be tracked instantly. This can be very advantageous in terms of traceability as users can draw out routes that drivers can take. Asset management can therefore improve as vehicles will be within the desired boundaries. This results in better tracking while reducing the risk of assets being displaced. 

Businesses that have a lot of assets can find using itemit’s software something of a lifeline. Every single asset can be tracked and traced. This helps to eliminate guesswork and ensures that employees are more likely to work within the desired boundaries at all times.

Use itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s asset tracking software can help businesses everywhere to start saving money. It’s more important than ever before that money is saved. With costs rising, the importance of tracking assets is even greater than before. Users can locate their assets, understand the life cycle, and eliminate ghost assets. Productivity can be increased and traceability could be improved. This is all thanks to the way that itemit’s tracking software works. 

Reach out to our friendly team today to discuss how itemit’s tracking software can help you. You can reach the team at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you may wish to start a 14-day Free Trial. You can begin to reap the benefits of using convenient asset tracking software that can save you money.

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