Why Facilities Management And Asset Tracking Go Hand-In-Hand

Why Facilities Management And Asset Tracking Go Hand-In-Hand

When you look after a building alongside some or all of the surrounding areas you need to be able to track everything. Making sure that you know what’s what and what needs to be done can be difficult. This is when using an asset register format can make a world of difference. 

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What Facilities Managers Are Required To Track

So what exactly do facilities managers need to track? The answer is “a lot”.  Fortunately, these days tracking everything is easier than ever before. However, a lot of different assets still need to be tracked. These can range from tools to lawn mowers, light bulbs to circuit boards, vans to boxes of printer paper, and everything in between, including buildings. Your new asset register format can absolutely track a building because that building will need repairs, painting, and security. Tracking a building in this way can help you to understand what tasks have been completed and which still need to be done.

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A Modern Solution For Facilities Management

When it comes to finding a modern solution for the management of facilities there is a range of options. You could list all of your assets and your tasks on a tablet. You may even have a list of those important tasks on your phone. However, this is not a solution, as such. What you and every facilities manager need is an asset register format that’s reliable and does the hard work for you. Ideally, the asset register you’ll use will automate everything so all you need to do is look at the outstanding tasks. A modern solution is one that makes life a lot easier and it’s one that you could have in the palm of your hand.

Leaving Spreadsheets In The Past

While many people and businesses still use spreadsheets, it’s better to leave them in the past. A spreadsheet is by no means a modern or reliable asset register format. In fact, it can be full of mistakes that mean your asset list is completely inaccurate. You need a better format so that you’re aware of what assets you have, what’s been repaired, and which tasks need to be undertaken.

Spreadsheets can be full of errors simply because we humans make mistakes. No matter how careful we are, mistakes still occur. If you make one small mistake on a spreadsheet it could have a lot of bad implications. This is especially the case if you use equations to help you work out what’s what. Leave spreadsheets in the past and use something much more reliable.

Understanding What Tasks Need To Be Undertaken

When you know what jobs you need to do you can formulate a plan. You can decide which tasks to do first and which can wait for later. When you use an asset register format that shows you which tasks have been completed, you know how busy your day’s going to be. You can also get those vital tasks undertaken sooner rather than later. When you can prioritise you can take better care of the facilities you manage without any extra work on your behalf.

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Tracking All Of Your Assets

Regardless of the type of business you run you need to track your assets. It’s likely that you have and use a lot of assets while you’re at work. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to track them. When you use asset register software that’s reliable it makes tracking easy. All that you’re required to do is attach an RFID tag or QR code to your assets (including your buildings and vehicles). As soon as you’ve attached a tag or a code and scanned it the asset in question is being tracked. Your software will detect where the asset is at all times. This allows you to locate your assets and even understand what condition they’re in.

Dealing With Repairs

Did you know that your new asset register format can help you to deal with repairs? If you’re a facilities manager you’ll know that repairs need to be carried out much of the time. When you use an asset register to track your assets they can also help you to deal with broken down parts, machines, vehicles, computers, etc. 

Simply set up a maintenance schedule for your assets and you’ll receive an alert when it’s time to examine the asset. When you use a schedule and examine assets regularly they will be less likely to break down. This means they will be in better condition meaning the maintenance team could have less work to do. 

As you can see, facilities management and asset tracking really do go hand-in-hand. 



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