Ask An Expert: Is An Asset Register A Document?

Ask An Expert: Is An Asset Register A Document?

Most businesses need to keep track of their assets in the best possible way. Some businesses rely on a spreadsheet to do this, others use more modern methods. An asset register app may be used in place of a document that could potentially be full of errors. 

While a spreadsheet is not a physical document per se, it is still a type of document. However, an app is something that’s completely different and it’s something that can be completely relied upon.

What Is An Asset Register?

An asset register is something that all businesses should have. It is composed of a list of all the assets that the business owns. This is everything from stationery, computers, desks, vehicles, machinery, and even buildings. Every single asset has value and it is, therefore, important to know how many assets a business has, what they are worth, and where they are. 

While some people are happy to add these details and more to a spreadsheet or even a paper document, they can’t be relied upon. Documents can be full of human-made errors and they can even go missing or be erased. 

When you use an asset register app in place of a physical or digital document it’s much more likely to be accurate. The app can contain details of all of a business’s assets and keep those details safe and secure. Some asset apps allow you to input multiple details of each asset into the software. This ensures that all users have access to such information as and when they please.

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Is An Asset Register App Better Than A Document?

As we have already seen, an asset register app is less likely to contain mistakes. In addition to this, an app can also be used by many people at the same time. If multiple people were to use a spreadsheet at any one time accessing it could be difficult. The spreadsheet could load slowly, if at all, and errors may be made. 

When using an asset app, multiple people can be logged in all of the time. They can have access to details of some or all of the assets and even change the details if necessary. There isn’t likely to be any delay in opening the app or even accessing details about each asset. With this in mind, it can be suggested that an app such as this is much better than a document.

What Are The Additional Benefits of Using An App?

There are many apps available these days. This includes apps that allow businesses to create an asset register. While many of these apps are different to each other, they tend to offer a wide range of additional benefits. These can include: 

  • The ability to track the location of each asset
  • Issue reporting and asset management 
  • Barcode and QR code tagging 
  • Access via a web portal and an app 
  • The ability to create bulk actions
  • Asset booking
  • Checking assets in and out 
  • Creating public profiles
  • Creating and exporting reports
  • The creation of data 
  • Quick add functions 
  • And so much more

When you use an asset register app, you are likely to be offered a wide range of features. The features listed above are just an example of those that are available on some apps. Please note, all apps are different and may offer a smaller or even larger range of features. 

Using An App On The Go

Should you choose to download and install an app, you could use it on the go. You do not have to be sitting at a computer in the administration office. Rather, you could use it no matter where you are. As long as you have access to the internet you can use your app. 

Many apps can be downloaded onto tablets and iOS or Android phones. This allows the app to be accessed as and when it is required. You could, for example, log into the app when you’re working on a construction site. You may wish to log in when you’ve arrived at a meeting on the other side of town. Your colleague could log into the app while they’re on the train and see where the new fleet of vans is. Your supervisor could log into the app and assign assets to your team. As long as you and those who wish to use the app have access to the World Wide Web, you and they can log into an asset tracking app and use it as and when. This makes an app far more convenient than a spreadsheet or a paper document.

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