The Role Of IT Asset Management In Compliance And Security

The Role Of IT Asset Management In Compliance And Security

When you have IT assets, you know that those assets help to keep your business running. After all, you may struggle to go about your daily business-related activities if you do not have computers, laptops, etc. As a result, IT asset inventory management is a necessity. Keeping track of your assets means that you can have more control over them all day, every day. 

But how does IT asset inventory management help in terms of compliance and security? Can it actually help? This is what we’re going to explore now.

What is Non-Compliance?

When you don’t keep track of your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, modems, and everything in between, issues can arise. This is because it’s very likely that you will no longer comply with any licence agreements or regulations. You may, therefore, fail to receive security updates, your assets may not work as well as they should and problems can be caused. 

We are all aware of GDPR and how important it is to stay on the right side of data protection regulation. This is where correct IT asset inventory management can come in and help. When you have more control over everything IT-related, those GDPR issues can disappear. What this means is that you can continue to run your business knowing that you’re completely compliant. 

Staying compliant is good, so let’s take a close look as to how IT asset management can help with this.

Business Asset Tracking

Keeping Customer Data Private

When you track your IT assets effectively, you know where they are at all times. Most high quality asset management software allows you to track each of your assets all day, every day. When you do this, you can reassure all-important regulatory bodies that every piece of client information is being kept secure. You can show that you have full control over your tablets, your computers, your USB drives, your laptops, and everything else that’s IT-related. 


Imagine not knowing where your IT assets are and whether they are being stored securely. There is always a chance that the wrong person could get hold of your client’s confidential information. This is something that everyone wants to avoid and it’s something that you can avoid if you take the appropriate action. Using IT management software that allows you to track the location of all of your assets, all of your client’s data will be much more secure. 

When you know that everything is nice and secure, you also know that data breaches are a lot less likely to occur.

Ensuring There Are No Security Issues

These days, most people know that keeping your software up-to-date can help to keep hackers out. This is where using the best IT asset inventory management tools can make a difference. Knowing that all of your software is as secure as it can be, those worrying vulnerabilities won’t exist. There are also less likely to be issues with hardware. This means your data and your customer’s data are more likely to stay safe at all times. 

Failing to update your software is a mistake. Hackers may take advantage of software that is vulnerable, meaning that important data could fall into the wrong hands.  This is something that you need to avoid, and you can by making sure you update your software. 

Having peace of mind is a wonderful thing, and keeping on top of security issues can help with this.

Managing Licences

Not having the correct licences isn’t ideal. When you use IT asset inventory management to its full advantage, however, all of your licences can be kept up to date. You can, for example, set reminders so that you know exactly when you update every single licence that you have. Of course, not every licence will need to be updated at the same time. This is where setting up reminders can help. 

The most modern asset management software will allow you to control your asset’s location and send some very important reminders. You could, for example, set reminders for a month before each licence needs to be renewed. When you do, you could apply for the new licence in time and check it off the list when it arrives. 

You may no longer have to pay those high late licence charges. You can even manage how much you spend on each licence based on your real software-related needs. As a result, there’s a real possibility for you to save money. This is something that every business out there strives to do. 


As you can see, IT asset inventory management software has a real and important role in the world of compliance and security. However, it’s not a role that every business recognises. When the role is recognised, it’s one that can potentially help most businesses in a wide variety of ways. 

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