Biomedical Equipment Management Software And Its Uses

Biomedical equipment management software will help you keep track of your life-saving assets and equipment. There are two crucial ways asset tracking can benefit you in the healthcare industry.

  •  It saves you time: The time you save managing your equipment allows you to spend more time on saving lives and keeping your business’ operations running smoothly.
  • It saves you money: The money you save managing your biomedical equipment means that you have more to spend elsewhere, helping you improve your processes.

Overall, whether you’re working in a hospital, a pharmacy, or if you’re delivering or renting out medical equipment, asset management software can help.


What Is Biomedical Equipment Management Software?

Biomedical equipment management software is a type of asset tracking software where you’ll be able to log your medical equipment, add data to it, and track it.

Each of your assets gets their own individual profile, which meals you’ll be able to add specific data against specific bits of equipment. This way, you’ll be able to manage preventative maintenance and routine checks against the specific assets that need them.

This way, you can keep your asset list up to date and ensure the efficacy of your biomedical equipment. 

Your asset list will update with every interaction, too, meaning that you’ll keep an up-to-date record of the changes your equipment has gone through.


Which Asset Tracking Features Can Benefit Me?

One of the benefits of a good biomedical equipment management software is that you’ll be able to scale its usage to other assets. You’ll still be able to keep your biomedical equipment separate with the use of collections, for example.

The way asset tracking works is through the use of the individual profiles your equipment gets, but also through the use of asset tags.

Each piece of equipment will be tagged, likely with a QR code, and linked to its corresponding digital profile. Then, every time you scan the tag in your app, three things happen.

  1. The last seen location updates
  2. The user who scanned the tag updates
  3. The asset’s profile opens, ready for edits

This way, you maintain a neat and effective audit trail of where all of your assets have been.


Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Then, once you’ve opened the asset’s profile, you’ll be able to add and update a lot of crucial data. With this data, you’ll be able to tell what the status of the asset is, where it is, who has been using it.

Your asset register will be where all of this data comes together. This asset register gives you an up-to-date and transparent view of all of your assets. This means that you’ll be able to save time on financial and insurance operations, as well as all of your asset tracking. 


Using GPS Tracking For Rentals And Deliveries

If you’re working with biomedical equipment, it’s highly likely that you’ll be renting it or moving it. Whenever you move an asset, it’s more likely to go missing or become unaccounted for, or even get delivered to the incorrect ward.

Therefore, you’ll be able to use GPS asset tracking with itemit to ensure your biomedical equipment is received in the correct place and by the correct people.

GPS trackers will update periodically, showing you the journey your biomedical equipment is taking, giving you the peace-of-mind that any issues can be rectified, and that all deliveries can be logged and verified.

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