Using Custom Asset Tags To Track Your Assets

One of the biggest benefits of asset tracking is that you can manage any asset. Nothing is too big or too small for your asset tracking software, you’ll be able to log it and start tracking it. However, this can present a problem. What if your asset requires a custom asset tag?

Vinyl stickers aren’t always suitable for asset tracking. For example, if you’re tracking materials, heavy-duty equipment, or high-value collections.

Luckily, itemit doesn’t have a limit on how many asset tags you can add, and you can also use custom tags with our asset management software.


QR code asset tags


How Asset Management Works

Asset management is the discipline of adding assets to your asset tracking system and then adding data to them.

This data can be anything, from depreciation information to asset booking data, to collections and location information.

Each of your assets have a unique profile, meaning that the data you add is specific to them. This way, if an IT asset, such as one of your laptops, requires maintenance, you’ll be able to add a ticket against this specific asset.

This way, you’ll be able to manage specific asset data and view it in an instant. All of this information then makes up your fixed asset register, which you’ll be able to export for financial and insurance purposes.


Using Asset Tags

Where do asset tags come in? Asset tags allow you to have last seen location functionality, as well as giving you the ability to speed up a lot of your asset related operations.

All you need to do is attach an asset tag to your equipment, then link it to the individual profile in your asset management software. Then, every time you scan an asset’s tag, the last seen location will update, the user who scanned the tag will be logged, and the asset’s profile will open.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

In practice, this means that you’ll be able to log maintenance by scanning an asset’s tag on a faulty asset and pressing a button. This is helpful across all industries, including for construction equipment tracking, healthcare asset management, and IT asset management.


Your Customisable Asset Labels

Sometimes, however, standard asset labels won’t do the job. If you’re tracking creative assets, such as materials, you’ll need a customised asset tag.

Luckily, at itemit, you’ll be able to create a request for customised asset tags and we’ll be able to help. So, if you need iron-on tags for clothing, we’ll be able to create an order.

We also sell anodised aluminium tags off-the-shelf for heavy equipment and plant tools, meaning you’ll have the peace of mind that your assets are tracked effectively and that your tags are safe.

If you’re tracking high-value collections, too, and can’t use a QR code, we’ll be able to consult you on the best RFID asset tracking options, too.

To find out more about how itemit works, you’ll be able to book a demo using the button below.

You can also contact the team with your tag enquiries at or call us at 01223 421611. There’s no limit on the tags you can use, so why not start a free trial using the form below and start tracking straight away?


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