The Importance Of IT Inventory Management

IT inventory management will help you keep better track of your computers, phones, and other IT assets. You’ll be able to view a transparent and effective IT asset register and make critical changes to asset data.

Overall, IT inventory management helps you log and view all of your asset-related data. This way, you’ll be able to make better business-centred decisions and save time and money.


lose fewer assets with fixed asset management software


Save Time With IT Asset Management

The first benefit of IT asset management software is that it saves you a load of time. As your system will be streamlined and simple, you’ll be able to use it the moment you install it on your phone.

Getting up and running is simple, but effective. As you’ll log all of your assets onto your IT asset management system, this means that there won’t be any gaps. You’ll then be able to tag your physical assets and link them to your asset tracking app.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, the corresponding asset will open up in your IT asset management system. Then, you’ll be able to add data, such as issues, location data, and collection data.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

As your IT inventory management system will be cloud-based, any changes you make with your app will also be reflected in a web portal. This means that you save even more time on asset audits and edits. 


Save Money With IT Inventory Management

While you’re keeping your IT asset register up to date by adding maintenance information and location data to your assets, you’ll also be saving money.

First of all, as every scan of your asset’s tag updates the last seen location and the user who scanned the tag, you’ll be able to retrieve assets faster while also lessening the risk of asset loss.

Then, you also receive the benefits of having a robust and transparent asset inventory. Managing your IT inventory is essential when it comes to finances and insurance.

Your IT inventory management system will automatically keep your IT asset register up to date, meaning that you’ll be able to export it for earned tax breaks and to prove responsible ownership for insurance companies.


Expanding Your Asset Tracking Operations

Why stop at IT inventory management, though? While you’ll be able to log, track, and manage your IT assets with ease, this doesn’t mean you only need to track these assets.

If you opt for a flexible and streamlined system, you’ll also be able to expand your IT asset tracking operations. Shareability is essential, for one, as it means that more people are keeping assets up to date.

Then, you’ll also be able to log your fixed assets, too. Fixed asset tracking works in the same way, as you’ll use asset tags and link these to digital profiles. Then, you’ll even be able to keep your fixed asset tracking separate to your IT asset management with the use of collections.

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