What Are The Best IT Asset Management Solutions?

The best IT asset management solutions allow you to save time and money automatically and with ease. With IT asset management solutions, you should gain more control and visibility over your assets.

How do IT asset management solutions work? Quite simply by allowing you to create an IT asset register of all your crucial assets. Then, you’ll be able to track and manage these assets with ease.


using asset tags for asset tracking


IT asset management is incredibly helpful when you’re working from home, too, as you can verify that all of your colleagues have everything they need to fulfil their duties.


Using IT Asset Management Software

Without a doubt, IT asset management software is the best IT asset management solution.

In the past, the gold standard for IT asset management solutions was the spreadsheet. This was a place where you could log all of your information and view it.

However, as time has progressed, spreadsheets have become more and more outdated. Now there’s so much more you can do with IT asset management software.
For a start, you’ll be able to automate location tracking with ease. All you need to do is tag your IT assets with physical asset tags. After this, you’ll be able to link your physical IT assets with their digital profiles.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Every scan not only saves you time by opening up the asset’s profile, but it also updates the last seen location of the asset.


IT Asset Management Solutions

The specific IT asset management solution you’re looking for will depend on the IT assets you’re hoping to track. So, if you’re tracking hardware, you’ll want to opt for a solution that allows you to implement simple hardware asset management.

If you’re tracking software, you’ll want to implement an asset tracking system that allows you to track your software with ease.

Luckily, asset tracking software is versatile. As the core idea is that every asset is unique, this means that all assets can have data and information added to them.

This data and information is customisable, so it can be relevant to a laptop, or it can be relevant to software, it just depends on how you set it up.


Additional Asset Tracking Functionality

With asset tracking, you’ll be able to track and manage your things with ease. You can do a lot more than update locations, though.

For example, you’ll also be able to log and manage maintenance and issues. This is incredibly helpful if you’re making financial decisions, as you’ll be able to see which of your IT assets have needed multiple bouts of maintenance and which are running smoothly.

All of this information is viewable, visible, and customisable with a streamlined asset management reporting feature. So, if you want to see all of the assets that have recently required maintenance, it only takes the press of a few buttons to get there.

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