How To Keep Track Of Equipment Maintenance

Tracking equipment maintenance allows you to keep an eye on when assets should be replaced, and when they’re running to the best of their abilities.

Asset downtime can be extremely damaging to your profits, too, and so implementing an effective equipment maintenance tracking system allows you to mitigate this.

Overall, keeping track of your equipment maintenance tracking saves you time, it saves you money, and it saves you a lot of frustration, too.


heavy equipment maintenance software


The best way you can keep track of equipment maintenance is by using asset tracking software. Find out more, here.


Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software will help you keep track of your equipment maintenance. The way it works is by allowing you to create unique, digital asset profiles. 

These asset profiles are where you’ll add crucial information and data, such as the maintenance history of an asset. You’ll then use asset tags to link the physical assets to their digital profiles.

The main benefit of using asset tracking software to track equipment maintenance is that it will also help you with many other things. Maintenance data isn’t the only data you can add to your assets; you can also add usage, financial, and location data, for example.


How To Use Asset Tracking Systems For Equipment Maintenance Tracking

There is a huge benefit to using asset tracking systems to track equipment maintenance, and that’s the fact that you’ll be creating unique asset profiles.

As profiles are unique, all of the maintenance you log will be attributed to a specific asset. This minimises asset downtime, as viewing which assets require attention is an instant process.

All you need to do is report an issue against an asset. This is a speedy process of scanning the asset’s tag, then logging the issue.

After this, your maintenance team will get an email showing them the location of the asset, and what the problem is. You’ll also be able to add attachments, such as an image of the damage.

Overall, you save a lot of time, and prevent a loss of a lot of money by using asset tracking to track your equipment maintenance.


Calibrations and Routine Maintenance

You’ll also be able to manage routine and pre-emptive maintenance using your asset tracking system. 

As your asset tracking system will allow you to set repeating reminders, any calibrations or routine actions can be added against unique assets. When a reminder is due, you’ll get a notification on your phone prompting you to take action.

Then, you’ll be able to combine a lot of features with your asset tracking software. So, you’ll be able to use equipment checkout functionality, for example, when it’s time for an asset to undergo maintenance. This indicates to your team that the equipment is unavailable, removing the possibility of more lost time.

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