How To Use PPE Tracking Software

PPE tracking software is essential to keep you and your colleagues safe and working effectively. The benefit of PPE tracking software is that you’ll be able to use it in a wide range of contexts, spanning from in construction to healthcare.

With healthcare, for example, you’ll be able to use PPE tracking software to create an inventory of your PPE. With this, you’ll be able to add quantities of equipment and verify if it’s suitable for use.

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Setting Up Your PPE Tracking Software

Whether you’re tracking helmets, protective masks, or gloves, you’ll want to log your equipment into your asset tracking software.

When equipment is logged, you’ll be able to add a variety of data about it, such as purchase date, whether it’s usable, and where it’s located in your warehouses or storeroom.

Then, you’ll be able to add last seen location data by tagging up your PPE with QR code asset tags. These asset tags will speed up information changes and automatically create a last seen location audit trail.

Every scan opens an asset’s profile, as well as updates its last seen location.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Tracking PPE In Bulk

If you’re working through lots of PPE or tracking it in bulk, you’ll be able to use itemit’s PPE tracking software to do so, too.

So, instead of creating unique asset profiles, you’ll be able to create profiles for the types of PPE. This way, you’ll be able to track multiple masks at any given time.

This creates a workflow, as every time you receive a shipment of masks, you’ll be able to scan a QR tag to change the quantity in an instant.

You can separate this by creating a profile for approved masks, or masks that are unsuitable, and scanning in these quantities with ease.


Unique Asset Tracking

Alternatively, you’ll be able to track your PPE as unique assets. This way, each helmet, each mask, and each pair of gloves will get their own asset profile, ready for updates and changes.

When assets are unique, it’s a lot easier and more manageable to see all the relevant and useful data that you need to. As each helmet has its own profile, if a helmet has an issue, it’s a lot simpler to report this against the asset itself.

This type of PPE tracking can also be expanded to your other assets, such as fixed assets and IT assets. You’ll then be able to separate these assets in your PPE tracking software by using collections to group them.

Everything comes together in bespoke reporting features, where you’ll be able to filter by specific information and export reports to make clear, transparent decisions related to your assets.

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