Why Managing Assets In The Cloud Makes Life Easier

Why Managing Assets In The Cloud Makes Life Easier

Anyone who tells you that managing assets is easy has either never managed them or they use the cloud. The cloud is often used for storing a lot of data and in the same way it can be used to manage assets. This is simply because all of the assets’ data will be uploaded to the cloud. But why would doing this make life easier? Read on to find out.

You Have All The Information You Need When You Need It

Imagine being able to gain access to information about your assets whenever you need to. This is completely possible when you set up an ICT asset register. Depending on the software that you choose, you can add as much information about your assets as you’d like. You may not be limited to adding an asset’s make, model and serial number. You may also be able to add information such as:

  • Warranty information
  • Insurance information
  • The asset’s user instructions
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost at purchase
  • How long the asset is expected to last 
  • The estimated value of the asset
  • The estimated cost of a replacement asset
  • A maintenance schedule
  • A photograph of each asset as it can make identifying them easier
  • A note about any issues that users are having with the asset
Business Asset Tracking

The list goes on. Some ICT asset register software will allow you to add as much information as you wish. What this means is that you could have a whole host of information to hand all day and night. You will have to add all of these details yourself. However, once you have, you can start to create a lot of data in addition to having access to very useful information. 

When data is created, and it may be created each time you use an asset, you can have better business insights. These insights can help you to see how well your business is doing. They may also help you to make better decisions as you could have some very useful data.

You Automatically Boost Security

Another reason why managing assets in the cloud makes life easier is thanks to the security boost. This boost could occur as you always know where your assets are. Additionally, you may even know which member of your team is using an asset. You could, for example, see that employee A is using a laptop in the office next door. You may also see that employee B is using the desktop computer you gave them in an office 50 miles away. A result of this means that security is tightened. You won’t have to simply rely on your employees to return your computers to you. As long as they have been included in the ICT asset register, you can retrieve them. 

Security can also be boosted in a different way. For example, most employees will know that your assets are tracked. This means that they are a lot less likely to lose them. Such assets are also less likely to be stolen. If it’s clear that a laptop or a tablet is tracked, they may not be taken. If they are, you could track them.

You Always Know Where All Of Your Assets Are

We have just seen that if you add your assets to your ICT asset register you know where they are. We have also seen that this can help with security. However, it can also be wholly convenient. 

Let’s imagine that you’re moving to another office location. You need to make sure that the right computers are sent to the new location. The good news is that you can simply check your asset register app and understand which devices are where. Depending on the software that you use, you may even be able to see where they were 10 minutes ago. This means you could see whether the assets are still on the back of a lorry, travelling up the A1. 

When you know where your assets are you can have more control over them. You can even choose which employees have access to the assets and which employees don’t. Some ICT asset register software will come with a check-in and check-out feature. This feature offers even more control and more security. In any case, you can usually see who has checked the assets out and who still needs to check others in. When you have the ability to do this while making use of the location tracking feature you know you’re onto a winner. 

As you can see, managing assets in the cloud makes life much easier. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses everywhere to start using asset management software that works well.


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