How Does Asset Tracking Software Save You Time And Money?

How Does Asset Tracking Software Save You Time And Money?

Asset tracking software is an excellent addition to your business. Currently, you may be tracking your assets using a spreadsheet. You’ll already know that this takes time and a lot of manual work, but you may not know that you can almost totally minimise this using asset tracking software.

With asset tracking software capabilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Control your assets better
  • Lose fewer assets
  • Save money on retrieval costs
  • Minimise asset downtime for maintenance
  • Check your assets out with equipment booking functionality
  • Keep an accurate fixed asset register
  • Keep a clear view of what you own and who is responsible for what.
What Is The Best Fixed Asset Tracking Software 2021?

What Is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is a system where you can log unique asset profiles and add data to them. In other words, if you have ten laptops, even if they’re the same make and model, these ten laptops are unique. You can log all of these into your asset management system and track them separately.

You can also speed up any editing processes with asset tags. Once you’ve tagged an asset, updating its information is a simple case of scanning the tag and using your asset tracking app’s features.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, the last seen location and user who scanned the tag will also update, providing you with a clear view of who has been using which assets, when, where, and how they interacted with the assets themselves.

How Does This Save Your Business Time And Money?

Asset management software removes an overbearing need to manually update everything and speeds this up. So, instead of needing to record changes onsite and later log them in a spreadsheet, you can make these changes while you’re with an asset.

As an example, when you’re using an asset tracking app, if you’re onsite and notice an asset has an issue, you simply need to scan the tag and press “report issue”. An email will then be sent to your account admins, indicating that an issue needs to be addressed.

Not only does speeding up operations save you time, but it also opens up the possibility of saving money. Firstly, you can fulfil more responsibilities, but you can also minimise asset downtime by monitoring and addressing maintenance needs sooner.

Then, having a robust fixed asset register also means that you lose fewer assets and have more visibility over what you own, what’s needed, and if there are any risks relating to your asset usage.

itemit’s Asset Tracking System

itemit’s asset tracking system comes with an app and a web portal. As everything is cloud-based, any time you update an asset’s information onsite, this change will be updated across the board for anyone that needs to see it.

You get a wide range of features and functionality with itemit, and it’s currently being used across the globe by companies in a number of industries, including charities, construction companies, theatres, and more!

To find out more about how itemit can save you time and money, you’ll be able to contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

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