Asset Tracking, your Office Assets, and Pancake Day

It’s pancake day! That means a few things.

One, it’s almost Easter. Two, it’s almost time for Summer and a few getaways. Three, it’s time to show off your pancake making skills to the entire office.

Whether or not your office has a kitchen, you’ll be able to use asset tracking to share out your lovely pancakes with everyone. Using itemit, you’ll be able to track cutlery and plates, your office fridge, your coffee cups and, of course, pans!

In fact, with itemit, you get a personal workspace as well as your business’ workspace. So, using asset tracking to increase the accountability over your pancakes is simple.


Your Personal Workspace

Your personal workspace is where you’ll keep your home assets. You can use it to track your car, setting reminders for when you need to get an MOT done. You can track your software subscriptions to know what you own and what you’re paying for.

Or, you can use it to track all of the assets in your kitchen. Use itemit for home inventory, while you’re also using it for your business!

So, when you’re making those tasty pancakes, you’ll be able to use our asset tracking software to make sure you’re using the best pan for the job. There is absolutely no margarine for error when you’re up against Lucy in HR.


Your Pro Workspace

With itemit, you’ll also be able to use your pro workspace to track and manage your business assets.

In a pro workspace, all of the features are available to you. Run reports for audit trails (or, if you’re bored, to rate the best pancakes), group assets by collections or locations, book assets in and out, assign assets to your colleagues, you name it!

Whatever kind of asset tracking you’re looking for, itemit will be able to help.

So, if you’re a plate short, with the use of our QR Code asset tags, you’ll be able to quickly identify its last seen location. I know Terry has said “no, no, I don’t mind, it’s no bother” several times, but HE WILL be eating one of your pancakes.

You’ll even be able to use our quick add feature to bulk add your utensils to a collection of assets that need to be washed. Our QR tags are waterproof, so there are no problems there!


Using Asset Tracking in your Business

But, what if… What if you’re not just tracking pancakes for your business? What if you also want to track and manage your IT assets, fixed assets, tools, equipment, utensils, anything?

What if you want additional accountability over something that isn’t just going to be smothered in lemon anyway, forcing it to lose the flavour you worked so hard to achieve?

What if you want to know exactly where your assets have been, who’s been using them, when they’ve needed maintenance, how economical they are, whether or not you need replacements, *deep breath* who’s booked them out, who they been assigned to, how long they’ve been used for, their entire asset history, which type of asset they are, user manuals, warranty information, pricing information, and any and all information that you may or may not need to know regarding each and every one of your assets?

Well. The answer is simple: use itemit.

To find out more, contact us at any time, or fill in the form below to start tracking your assets better, today.

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