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Holiday booking can be a hassle. It can take the fun out of something that’s supposed to be natural and easy. It can cause arguments. There’s so much to organise and keep track of and it’s never as simple as you think it’s going to be.

But what if I told you that with itemit, the simple asset management software, it can be? Booking holidays from flights to hotels to activities can be simple. With a simple tracking solution in place, and an asset register, you can track your passports more closely, and your tickets, and your belongings!

This also means that when you’re packing to go home, you don’t leave your laptop in another country. Now, all your hotel and flight bookings can be in the same place. Everything can be a lot quicker, a lot simpler, and a lot clearer with itemit.

itemit can be used as a home inventory app, but that doesn’t mean it only works at home. It works anywhere around the world, even offline. So, why not take itemit on holiday with you and put the relaxation back into your holidays? What’s more, you can start using our asset tracking software free today.

Booking Flights

The first thing you’ll be looking at whether you’re on your lunch break or bored at home is flights. Maybe wistfully, over and over again with safe search on so that the prices aren’t rising with every viewing, maybe as a one off. Either way it can be complicated to keep all of the prices, information, and logistics surrounding flights together.

You may try and use spreadsheets, corresponding prices to selected flights. Sooner or later this could become unwieldy and unreadable, however. Then, when you have ticket barcodes and booking numbers, how do you access and manage them in a quick and simple way?

itemit can help you track your boarding passes, your flights, your flight numbers, anything. Take a picture of your tickets and add them to the app, then add all of the relevant information. With our simple asset tracking and management software all you have to do now is open the app on your smartphone to see everything you need.

So, if you’re tired of rushing through an airport with baggage flying around everywhere and rummaging around for sheets with information on them, and finding that email with your boarding pass attached to it, why not use itemit instead? Link the boarding pass to your passport and calmly walk up to security, and you’ll be through in no time!

Booking Hotels

With hotels it’s similar. You’ll need confirmation numbers and card details. If you’re in the lobby and can’t yet connect to the wifi, and if you can’t use 4g because you’re halfway across the world, using asset monitoring and management you can simply open the app and look at the information you need.

Sometimes you’ll need the information offline, that’s why itemit still works offline. Because otherwise, unless you’ve screenshotted or scribbled down your booking reference, you’ll be stuck. With itemit, though, you won’t even have to scroll through all your pictures of dogs to find the screenshot or root through your luggage to find the sheet of paper with the booking on it.

As well as this, you can add the location of the hotel so that you can instantly find it when you get there. Link everything up to make your journey easier. Spend less time coming out of flight mode and rushing into hotel mode. This is especially helpful if you’re jetlagged. With asset tracking solutions you can keep all of your information in one simple to find and access place.

You can also add all of the related financial information to this, too. This can include anything from the price of tickets to information about your travel insurance. This way, you’ll be able to look at your asset register and know more about your budget, how much you’ve spent on flights, and how much you’ve spent on hotels, too.

Tracking your luggage

Now for the specifics. You’ve got your hotel, your flights. You’re ready to go. Your passport is tracked. You have everything you need to bring, but what about what you want to bring?

With asset tracking solutions, you can avoid buying multiple small bottles of shampoo or conditioner. You can see how much you’ve spent on your toiletries, and you can track all of the clothes and technology that you’re bringing along.

Scan or check off everything as you pack it away and our simple asset management software will automatically create your holiday asset register. When you’re checking out of a hotel, then, you can check all of your belongings back in as you pack them. Use our QR code asset tags to make this process even quicker, and even simpler too!

While it can be good exercise to get into yoga-like positions checking under the beds and above the wardrobes checking you have everything (even if you haven’t used the wardrobes, just in case something has fallen out of your bag and somehow jumped up a few metres), now it’s no longer necessary. Just check everything off the app and check out with the peace of mind that you have everything.

Sitting back and relaxing

So with itemit, the simple mobile asset tracking software, you’ve made it on holiday and checked into your hotel with ease. You know exactly where everything and that you have everything. So what else is there to do?


Everything that might cause you stress on holiday from hotels, to currencies (you can add exchange rates and amounts in your wallet to the app), to the passports, to the return flights is managed by itemit.

So kick back with a book and watch the sunset with no stresses. itemit is managing all your assets and your stresses for you.

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