What Are The Benefits Of Asset Tags?

What Are The Benefits Of Asset Tags?

Asset tags are unique identification labels attached to each asset that let you identify an item just by scanning its tag. Asset tags, although an optional part of the itemit system, lie at the core of successful asset management. Apart from their primary functionality in letting you identify and track each tagged asset separately, there are a lot of other benefits of using asset tags too.

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itemit Asset Tags

At itemit, we supply asset tags in the form of vinyl QR code stickers, Anodised Aluminium QR code tags or the more sophisticated, RFID asset labels. The QR code tags carry a unique itemit code that, when scanned by a smartphone camera, lets the itemit app identify an asset. The RFID asset labels are part of a more advanced asset tracking system that lets you scan an asset even if it’s not in your line of sight. 

itemit also gives you the option to get custom asset tags with your company’s name and logo on them. The asset tags are made small enough, as small as a 15mm square, so you can easily attach them to smaller assets such as smartphones.

Key Benefits of Using Asset Tags

If you’re a business owner, you might be urged to get things going without the expense of asset tags. It might even work out for you if you’re a small business with a limited number of assets to look after, it’s not a necessity to tag assets. However, when a business grows, the number of business assets grows exponentially. It is only then that you realise the true value of using asset labels. 

Here are some of the primary functions served by asset tags:

Give Each Asset a Unique Identity

A typical office has a handful of computer screens of the same brand and model. Similarly, almost all hardware and furniture used by a business are sourced from a single maker, making the different assets almost indistinguishable. 

However, although they look the same, each asset has a unique lifespan, unique history and unique story to tell. Rather than marking assets with a sharpie or sticky note, you could simply use asset tags to just scan the asset and identify it. How cool does that sound?

Track Assets

With asset tags, itemit’s asset tracking software can recognise each asset with its unique identification code. This makes efficient asset tracking a walk in the park. Each time an asset is scanned, its exact location, status, and condition can be recorded which results in an automated track record for every item your business wants to track.

Eliminate the Need for Manual Data Entry

If you’re having a go at asset tracking without asset tags, you will find yourself entering most data about each asset manually. Since the software cannot recognise each asset on its own, you will have to search for the asset in the database and then manually enter the necessary information. 

Manual data entry increases the risk of human error and consumes loads of time and energy. Wouldn’t it be just great if you could point your camera towards a tag and get all the information you need in a jiffy?

Additional Benefits of Using Asset Tags

It won’t be wrong to say that there are countless benefits of using asset tags! Every business can come up with innovative ways to use asset tags to improve productivity, workplace collaboration, asset maintenance and much more. This section talks about how you can make the most out of tags.

Accurate Audits

Using assets tags allows you to carry out accurate asset audits in a matter of minutes. Moreover, with each asset being tracked over time, it lets you evaluate the value of each asset throughout its lifetime. All in all, if you’re using tags, you have a comprehensive and exhaustive database of all your assets and how much they’re worth.

Real-time Tracking and Management

Asset tags enable you to track your assets in real-time through the itemit asset tracking software. This way, you have access to all asset information in one place with itemit’s web portal or mobile app. As soon as an asset is marked for maintenance, the responsible personnel receive an alert so that maintenance is carried out swiftly.

Track and Reduce Administrative Costs

With automated asset identification and tracking, the time and money spent on locating and recording information about each asset are reduced to the bare minimum. This not only saves you money but helps a business be more profitable by increasing workplace productivity and organisational efficiency.

Bottom Line

The benefits of asset tags are unlimited. If you’re still not convinced, you might want to learn about all of the creative uses for asset labels

Asset tags can be used to track your IT assets, ensure office plants are watered well and custom-made tags can even enhance brand marketing. Discover more by trying it out for yourself. Start your 14-day free trial by filling in the form below. If you’ve got any questions about how itemit will work for you, please feel free to contact us at team@itemit.com.

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